Is Environmental Pest Control Safe For Pets and Children?

Environmental pest control is a serious subject. Every year millions of homes and businesses are exposed to toxic chemicals in an effort to fight insect and rodent infestations. More than a billion pounds of chemicals are used every year in the United States to fight vermin. Before heading to the store to pick up some insect spray or before picking up the phone to call the exterminator, it is important to know the facts about pest control.

The first thing to know about pest control is the kinds of chemicals used. The three most commonly used chemicals in pest control were produced to attack the nervous systems of vermin. These chemicals were synthesized from the template of nerve agents that were designed during the fighting in World War II. consequently, they are highly toxic and should be handled with extreme care. These chemicals do not just attack the nervous systems of pests. They will also attack the nervous systems of human beings and pets in addition. They will not likely have a lethal effect, because they are designed to attack much smaller animals. However, the smaller the child or pet is, the greater the danger to them when they are exposed to these poisons.

With that in mind, it is important to be very careful when the exterminator comes to visit. If you have pets or children, you should send them to another place for the duration of the exterminator’s visit. It is also highly advisable to keep them away from the house for at the minimum 48 hours after the chemicals have been sprayed. Some experts will already recommend keeping them away as long as a week after the pest control spray has been applied.

This advice is especially important to notice in regards to children. Children’s nervous systems are nevertheless developing, so they are highly sensitive to any amount of poison in the ecosystem. Minute amounts of toxins that would have little to no effect on adults, can have devastating results in the nervous systems of children. These results can range from the mild, such as dizziness or nausea, to the harsh, such as long-term developmental disorders. For that reason, it is extremely important to use every precaution when using these kinds of poisonous substances in the home.

Besides the very dangerous chemicals a specialized exterminator applies, many people buy pest control chemicals at the store. These can be just as dangerous as the chemicals the exterminator uses. The same kinds of precautions should be applied. Never use the pest control chemicals in areas frequented by pets and children. Because children and pets use much of their time on the floor, they are more apt to come in contact with these toxins than adults. This applies to pieces of pest control equipment like roach traps in addition. Make sure never to use them in areas that pets or children live.

Also on the subject of pets, flea control chemicals need to be discussed. The chemicals used in them are mild forms of the same nerve toxins. They can have damaging effect of pets’ nervous systems in addition. Be careful in the application of them.

If you think your child or pet has been exposed to dangerous pest control chemicals, be sure to call your pediatrician or veterinarian closest.

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