Kingpin Makes A scarce turn up In Hawkeye As Kate And Clint Develop C…

Kingpin Makes A scarce turn up In Hawkeye As Kate And Clint Develop C…

Episode 3 of Hawkeye explores Maya Lopez AKA Echo and garners the communication between Clint Barton and Kate Bishop.

The third episode of Hawkeye is a rule-up to what seems to be the climax of the series. All the main characters have been introduced. Clint Barton and Kate Bishop have been accustomed to one another. Both have met Maya Lopez. And what’s more, Clint has just met Jack Duquesne AKA the Swordsman.

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Hawkeye episode 3 makes for a great MCU show. This episode has it all, from humour to action to emotion.  And what makes this episode already more effective is its groundedness. Despite dealing with superheroes, the episode moulds itself in a realistic manner. And the dominant reason behind this is Hawkeye’s talents. Of course one may think that his level of accuracyn with a bow and arrow is only possible in comic books. But other than shooting things down that are behind him, all that he does with his weapons are, if you think about it, very much possible. It’s all about practice and accuracyn. Perhaps that’s what makes him an “underdog” in the MCU, the fact that he is the most human superhero there is. And this episode brings out just that i.e. the human part.

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Hawkeye and Pym

After a great car-chase scene, something we haven’t seen earlier in the MCU, Clint fires an arrow that has the words “PYM” engraved on it. So, we might just get to meet Scott Lang in an upcoming episode. Or maybe, Hank Pym himself. This method Clint is nevertheless in contact with the fellow Avengers. Either way, this is an Easter egg for all us fans who love counting them. And it’s Christmas, so why not?

The Disability quotient

surprise’s latest step towards taking a stand for awareness on a global level is the portrayal of superheroes with disabilities. In Hawkeye, we have Clint who is hard of hearing, and Maya Lopez AKA Echo who is deaf since she was born. We also got another disabled superhero Makkari played by deaf actress Lauren Ridloff in Eternals. With time, the production giant is slowly moving towards being an all-inclusive universe that doesn’t sugarcoat superheroes.

Someone You Don’t Wanna Mess With

Towards the beginning of episode 3 of Hawkeye, we see a small Maya Lopez talking with her father and someone standing behind him. He addresses him as Maya’s uncle. We don’t see his confront but can guess who he probably is. In the comics, Maya Lopez’s uncle is none other than the notorious Kingpin. In Netflix’s Daredevil, Vincent D’Onofrio played the role. And with so many rumors floating, including tweets from D’Onofrio, it seems like it is him.

Next, towards the end of episode three, Kate and Clint are walking in a park. Talking about the Tracksuit Mafia, Clint mentions a guy “at the top” who will do anything to grow the operation. And that guy is not someone to mess with. Clearly, he knows about Kingpin and perhaps already about Daredevil!

Hey, We’re Communicating

During the car- chase scene, at one moment both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop tell each other the same thing. This is when Kate utters the words, “Hey, we’re communicating.” While it sounds causal, this communication is crucial to the relationship they proportion or are about to proportion. With Kate destined to receive Hawkeye’s mantel, she will have to learn a lot from him and learning is to communicate. Especially in this case as they do not have superpowers or super-strength as such. Communication will serve as the duo’s ultimate weapon, of which the car-chase scene is proof.

Father-Child Relationship

Clint won’t be able to make it home for Christmas. Kate doesn’t have a father to celebrate Christmas with. And the scene where Kate helps Clint know what his son is saying, from the other end of the phone, shows their emotional arcs connecting. For Kate, it is a more painful experience as she misses her father and wishes if he was there with her, especially for Christmas. And this deed of Kate made her receive a short “thank you” from Clint. It is a small scene that strengthened their bond already more from then on.

Tribute to the original Hawkeye Costume

We would love to see Hawkeye in his original costume. But his arc in the MCU is that of a secret agent and the purple suit won’t suit this. In the coffee shop, Kate shows Clint a drawing of what should be his new more “recognizable” purple costume. It is in this very scene that we, along with Clint, come to know that Kate knows that he is the Ronin. This is when she mentions an all-black costume with a hood and disguise. Right?

Sloan Limited

At the very end of episode 3 of Hawkeye, Clint Barton and Kate bishop sneak into her home to look for info regarding the Tracksuit Mafia and Kazi, the guy alongside Maya Lopez. From the date, it seems that Kazi is an employee at Sloan Limited.

Now, in the comics, there have been many Sloans. But this Sloan Limited seems to be that owned by Walker Sloan. He is also the CEO of Alchemax, the same company owned by Wilson Fisk that we first noticed in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018). With Kingpin’s imminent debut in Hawkeye, this would make perfect sense.

Hawkeye meets Swordsman

At the very end of episode 3 of Hawkeye, the two great characters of our series come confront to confront for the first time. Clint Barton meets Jack Duquesne i.e. Hawkeye meets Swordsman. This consequently serves as the beginning of a lifelong association that is one of the most popular in surprise comics.

Whether Jack works with Clint or against him is what we have to wait and watch. The next episode of Hawkeye arrives on December 8, 2021.

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