Learning the Joomla Essentials

Learning the Joomla Essentials

Do you want to create your personal or business website? Well, here’s exactly what you’re looking for. If you are nevertheless a beginner when it comes to website creation and designing, you can try using Joomla. By the way, Joomla is a content management system. This can greatly help you in your website project. Though sometimes technical prowess is greatly required, with it you don’t necessarily be equipped with it all. This is produced in such a way that it will be of ease to use already for beginners. This is also something that you can just download for free so it won’t basically cost you already a single cent. This also has almost everything you need for your website. This truly has over 6,000 plug-in so you can have loads of fun trying every application for your website.

User Management

If you happen to proportion a certain website with your colleagues, you can nevertheless manage this with ease. This content management system allows 9 different users to run a certain website. Each of the users has a control over it and has different user access. Anything in your user account cannot truly be accessed by other users in the same way that you cannot also access the others’. As part of accessing the website, pertinent information may be asked from each of the users and that include Open I.D. and already a Gmail account. For each of you to be able to access the different user accounts, of course, you must register first.

Media Management

Part of creating your personal or business website would be adding different file types in it. In order for you to manage these files any time you want to do so, you may add another characterize of Joomla which is media management. With this characterize, it would be easy for you to add and edit files. This characterize also allows you to grab images and articles because it has an Article Editor.

Banner Advertising

The next best thing about it is that it allows you to make a banner advertisement. You will find this characterize really helpful for your business website. You can have any web banner you would like to have. With this characterize, you can make impression numbers, special URLs and many others.


This content manager is also multi-lingual. It is produced in such a way that it would be easy for foreigners to use it. So, there’s basically no reason for you to be misguided by it. This has international sustain and uses a UTF-8 encoding. This is excellent because this allows multiple languages in every application in your website.

Contact Management

except that, this also includes a characterize which allows contacting the management of a specific website. This is because it gives the pertinent information of the administrators.


You can also add surveys in to your website. This way, it would be easy for you to track the number of users in your website.

Search Engine

This also allows users to navigate to a certain item because it has search options and the users can arrive to the specific item that they are exactly looking for.

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