Look Inside the Green Energy Home of the Future

Look Inside the Green Energy Home of the Future

Today we look at what a typical home design might be in our near future. The shell or structure of our new home will be made of thick Styrofoam that are 12 inches thick blocks that interlock like a jig saw question, giving the home strength and stability. Covered with special space age sheeting, our home will be well protected because; the special siding warms in the winter-time and cools in the heat of summer.

Our contractors are busy installing our different energy systems; starting with the plumbing system, our water comes from a well thorough in the ground that will bring us fresh spring water. Our well pump will be powered by one of our many solar systems that charge battery edges to store our electricity in case of dark days and nights. Along with the water we have installed a solar hot water collection system which will use a special insulated hot water tank to store the water which has been heated for free by the sun.

We check on our electrician that is busy installing our solar photovoltaic panels which when completed will confront the south capturing the strength of the sun, producing our electricity to charge are many storage batteries. By installing energy efficient light bulbs, we can light our house in a normal fact. We use infrared technology with sensors installed in every room so that when someone walks into the room during night time or low light conditions the lights will come on, and when that person leaves the room after a predetermined amount of time our lights go off.

We have also decided to install a wind turbine to help keep our electrical system fully charged already during night time or dark periods of no sun. Our electrician is installing electronic monitoring to run our system without maintenance. Considering that we have deleted our electric bill completely, the only cost we have is the initial cost of solar and wind system. Considering, the average U.S. household in 2008 used 920 kilowatt-hours per month, at an average of.12 cents per kilowatt, would be $110 a month for electricity alone. Say that we live in our new home 30 years that is $39,600 dollars just for electricity! And now we pay zero!

Your probably thinking, well I need my computer and my cable TV, but that is what is great about technology, you install a satellite dish combining your TV and high speed internet, and you nevertheless have the wonderful conveniences of the modern day lifestyle.

Last but nevertheless very important is our new waste system. We have installed a totally self sufficient state of green energy automatic sewage and waste compost system that takes human waste and recycles it into useful compost. The compost is held for use on your organic garden.

We are so thankful to our energy friendly people who helped us build our totally off grid home.

This may sound like science fiction, but these concepts are all obtainable today, not in the future. Sure you will pay more today than when people realize that green energy is the future. The old adage is about supply and need, as more and more different energy homes are built the prices for solar, wind, and other supplies will begin to drop so that all of us can provide off grid living.

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