Natural Pest Control in the Garden

Natural Pest Control in the Garden

Organic solutions to garden pests

There are many problems that can occur in our landscapes and gardens that can and should be solved naturally without harsh chemicals.

I would like to proportion with you three solutions to three problems that you may be having in your yard. The first is the problem of dogs and/or cats in your bedding areas. There is nothing nice about finding a place made by a cat in your flowers.

The second problem to discuss is Earwigs. They eat your veggies, ruin your flowers, and destroy your fruit that is on your fruit trees. You don’t want to spray a toxic spray on fruit you want to eat so I give you a non-toxic solution that works!

The third problem is a menagerie of insects that attack your trees. They not only ruin fruit, they can damage the whole tree. They make the leaves look awful and already fall from the tree.

Dogs and cats can ruin your garden. It is disgusting to be weeding your flowers or your garden and find a “place” left by a neighborhood cat. This is totally unsanitary for a veggie garden or any where for that matter. Cats are especially hard to deal with because they don’t stop at fences and merely go right over them.

Here is a way you can solve this problem:

1. Sprinkle black pepper liberally in the beds and areas that the animals are doing their business. They can’t stand the smell and if they do venture in your beds they will start sneezing which they do not like and will not return.

2. Sprinkle this “hot” spray around your yard. You can spray this at the edges in the lawn, along sidewalks and anywhere you want to deter both cats and dogs. Take a few cloves of garlic and a few hot red peppers and grind them in a blender. Put the combination is a bucket of water along with a few drops of dish washing liquid and mix well. Use this combination to deter the visitors!

3. For cats an automated sprinkler works well too! It has a sensor that detects the cat coming in your yard and momentarily sprays water at the cat. The meaningful to using one of these is to move it around your yard. If you leave it in one area they will merely go to a safe part of your yard.

Earwigs can really be hard to control. It may be tempting to get the strongest spray and get them but the effects on you and your family could be detrimental. It is better to trap the earwigs by making this simple trap that works extremely well.

To make the trap cut about two inches off the bottom of a soda bottle. You can also use a saucer if you would like. Fill the saucer with vegetable oil. Place one or two tea spoons of soy sauce in the oil and stir it in.

Place the trap at the trunk of your tree or next to your vegetables. The earwigs will crawl in the oil and die. You can then strain out the earwigs and reuse the oil. Let me know if this works for you or if you have a good idea also

The last garden problem to discuss is insects on your fruit trees. Try this easy to make spray for a non toxic way to control the pests.

Organic Fruit Tree Spray for Insects.

Insects can damage your fruit tree and make the fruit useless. Try this solution for your fruit trees:

1. Mix 1 cup of vegetable oil with 1 tablespoon of dish detergent. ( You can make larger amounts by keeping the same ratio). This is your base.

2. Make a spray combination by mixing 1 to 2 teaspoons of base mix to 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. Shake well.

3. Spray both sides of leaves to the point of runoff

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