Network Marketing Training- Top 10 MLM Tools for MLM Success

Network Marketing Training- Top 10 MLM Tools for MLM Success

We went over the reasons for using tools in an earlier article, and this mlm training module will go over the 10 tools that you will be using hopefully on a regular basis.

I have found over the years that the network marketing distributors who use the mlm tools regularly and with expert, have larger and more powerful organizations for the most part.

Do you want a powerful group and a large number of people? Than you need to learn the 10 tools and then choose 3 or 4 of them and master them, but you must learn to be equipped to use what we at PassionFire call the “Master Tool”–which is number one:

1)MLM Tools -The Telephone.

The telephone is the MLM Master tool that all millionaires in this business use. They not only have mastered the use of the phone, but teach their people to do the same thing.

The telephone is the most time EFFECTIVE tool there is.


The telephone will help you master your time and business, if you master it.

Many people have “phone-phobia,”and I am amazed that they can talk to anyone on the phone about most anything, but when it comes to this network marketing business, they freeze up and many cannot do it.

You need to find some good training for the phone, talk to your sponsor and see what he/she recommends. And PassionFire will have several modules on intense telephony…(training how to master the phone).

2)MLM Tools-The Voice Mail

IN MLM, You need to set up a Voice mail system and utilize it to catch and retrieve messages that you would have missed.

If you are doing this business right, than you will need a VM system to stay on top of your business. The telephone company has one obtainable, and also check with your company to see if they have a corporate sponsored system that you can use as many mlm companies do, and I highly encourage companies to do so.

Put a short message on you VM, and make it no longer than a minute. Many people leave the name of their company, many don’t, I never did, but do what you think is best for you and your group.

Also, make sure you can retrieve VM messages from out of town…this will become Important once your group starts to grow.

3)MLM Tools-Three Way Calling.

This is the SECOND MASTER Tool. This is almost as important as the telephone. What is 3 way calling?

It is put on your phone by the phone company, and it allows you to call someone, put them on keep up, dial another number, than click the first call you made over, and you have 3 people on the line at once! You, your first call, and your second call, like a “Mini Conference Call.”

This allows you to introduce your sponsor to your warm market over the phone and let someone who is more experienced than you to talk to your folks, and you learn at the same time.

You will learn how to do HOT 3 ways with PassionFire, and there will be several trainings you can read on how to master the 3 way.

By the way, 3 way calling is one of the most wrongly used tools in MLM, and you will learn how to use right and create a magnetic phone call with PassionFire’s trainings.

4)MLM Tools- Audios.

Audios, or cassettes and CDs, are a great tool that can help introduce the concept and message of your company to the marketplace. It is a very simple thing to use, and pretty inexpensive usually.

The audio, will within a short time frame, will give enough information to see if the prospect is interested either in your products and sets, or the business. It will help bridge the gap between the new distributor, who is learning the business, and the prospect, who wants a specialized presentation, the audio does that.

Interactive CDs have become very popular, and there are great ones out there. in any case you choose to use, just use it a lot!

Either way, use the audios all the time as they are duplicatable, and they work the same every time as you are learning the network marketing business.

5)MLM Tools- Videos.

Videos (tapes) are popular, but not as much as they were in the early 90s. Videos help to tell your story from a visual and audio standpoint, but understand that videos are watched less than audios are listened to. DVDs are increasing in popularity though.

There is an exception.

Streaming videos and audios are becoming VERY popular on the internet, and many websites have them online, and the quality of the videos online are improving daily it seems and you may want to check it out.

Make sure your video you use, as audios too, are NOT boring. You want a video that is hip, and moves, and is exciting.

6) MLM Tools-Self -Replicating Websites.

Many MLM companies today have what are called “Self Replicating Websites,” like you have probably with your company. It is a website that allows you to have your own personal web page, and usually you can put your picture and a observe from you on it to personalize it.

I highly recommend you get one, as they are very affordable today, and it gives you a place where people can go online and check out who you and your company are.

Make sure your website is specialized looking. There is nothing that will turn a prospect off quicker than a sloppy and unprofessional web page.

7) MLM Tools-Brochures.

Brochures are a must in today’s world. They not only visually can tell your story, but also can tell it thousands of times when you are not there.

You can give them out, mail them, and already use it as a presentation. They typically are 4 color, and look specialized, and they usually can be purchased from your network marketing company.

Make sure you use them, and use them often and aim your folks to do the same thing.

8) MLM Tools-Presentation Book.

This is a MUST for confront to confront presentations. I is simply a “flip book” that you use and you flip pages to explain about the MLM company, products, and Comp Plan.

You can make your own with the brochures your company has, and put the pages in clear plastic sleeves, and then put it in a 3 ring binder.

What has become popular are “Mini Flip charts” that are about the size of your hand, and can be fit in a pocketbook and pulled out to do an ‘moment” presentation anywhere. You simply flip the pages as you read them. Most do about a 5 minute presentation.

9) MLM Tools- Email.

This tool has become highly useful the last 8 years in ALL businesses, including MLM. And most network marketing companies today have their own email program, so check into it and see.

If not, you can get free email many places, including:

These are just a few. See what you can find and get you and email account. It will become a source of incredible communication for you and your business.

10) MLM Tools- Business Cards and Stationary.

You MUST have network marketing business cards if you are going to be in any business today, especially in MLM. You must have your name, your phone number, and email on it, as it is a COMMUNICATION tool. It lets people know how to get in touch with you.

Make your mlm cards specialized looking, but don’t over do the info on it. A cluttered and “busy” card can look unprofessional. See your upline to see if the company has their own cards, and see how much they are. You can get free business cards on the web in addition. See your sponsor for that.

It is the same for stationary. Make it clean and specialized looking. Not a lot of stuff that makes it look cluttered. It helps to also to match your business cards as that is what we call “Coordinated strength.”

If you want your picture on the cards and stationary…fine. It will cost you a little more.

Those are the top 10 tools…are there more you can use?


But these are the main ones you will use to build your network marketing business.

Learn to master 3 of them…make sure the Telephone and 3 Way calling are 2 of them in your MLM and Network Marketing business!


(c) 2005/all rights reserved PassionFire Intl

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