Newbie Cash Machine Review – An Honest Evaluation

Newbie Cash Machine Review – An Honest Evaluation

If you were to do a quick Google search for “Ewen Chias”, or “Newbie Cash Machine” you would stumble upon a multitude of results saying many different things. One Page may list it as a diabolical scam, and another author may claim that the product enabled him to tell his boss to “shove it” within one week. Before I purchased the product I certainly didn’t know what to think; and I feared that I may lose my money. However, after reviewing the product I was mostly happy, but nevertheless felt there were some elements that needed improved.


Ewen Chias’s Newbie Cash Machine is a beginner’s guide to promoting digital products on the internet. The product chiefly covers the affiliate websites of Click Bank and Commission Junction. The author provides step by step instructions for setting up an initial affiliate campaign. Low cost strategies for promotion such as blog writing are also covered. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and pay per click advertising are also mentioned, but more briefly which I would presume is due to the course being geared towards the beginner. The author discusses niche markets quite heavily. The topic is covered in every manner from finding a niche market to exploiting it for profit. The author highlights many meaningful marketing principles; how to write a sales letter, knowing your audience etc. Many other tutorials such as instructional videos are also included in the member’s area. The book doesn’t cover much in the way of progressive internet marketing; but most would probably find this point inconsequential since the book is intended for the “newbie” and such information may confuse an internet marketer just getting their feet wet. The cost of the e-course is $27. The home page says that it “may go up to $197 at anytime, but from my own personal experience such steep prices are only found in the most advances internet marketing courses. If the price were to go up, $50 or some such figure would be far more likely.

Author’s Opinion


Ewen Chias, and his Newbie Cash Machine certainly provide value to a beginning level internet marketer. When I was first getting started in “the industry” as some insiders call it; I had little help and much of what I learned was by trial and error (which often proved hard on my wallet). Would I say that this e-course has value for anyone that decides to buy it? Most certainly not, any intermediate to progressive internet marketer would already be quite familiar with the strategies of this e-course. Granted, everyone is different but I found little in the book that I did not already know. However, as the sales page says numerous times; the course is intended for the beginner. consequently, someone just starting out should find the book a good value for the $27 dollar cost.


The e-book is nearly 300 pages long, quite lengthy for many people. From my own experience I have found that 300 pages of information can be “quite the chore” to work by. However, many of those pages are graphs; but I nevertheless found the length a tad excessive. The PDF file also contains spelling errors. Granted, this does not have a negative outcome on the information presented, but I nevertheless found it bothersome. Lastly, the author provides unrealistic earnings figures for a possible purchaser’s first campaigns. Maybe a few marketers will make “hundreds their first day”, but most will make around $250-300 per week as they continue to fine tune their skill and campaign management. I understand that the author lists such figures to make the course a more attractive buy, but I am nevertheless a firm believer in complete disclosure and honesty (which are two rapidly disappearing qualities in today’s world, unfortunately).


The Newbie Cash Machine may contain spelling errors and some marketing hype but in general it is a substantial buy for a “newbie” marketer. Like any business system however, it will take work on the part of the purchaser. Sadly, many people getting into the internet marketing industry are tricked in with notions of quitting their job overnight, etc. If the purchaser is willing to invest time into the course and its instruction, success should follow. However, a lazy unmotivated purchaser will most likely find the course a scam. Like many things in life, “you get out of it, what you put into it”.

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