obtain MySQL Database Management for Website Administrators

obtain MySQL Database Management for Website Administrators

As the number of small business, membership, and internet marketing websites continue to increase, so to does the popularity of Open Source website and ecommerce content management systems. With a large selection of these free platforms obtainable to choose from, including such popular choices as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and osCommerce, the one thing they all have in shared is the kind of database system used. MySQL is one of the most popular database platforms obtainable today, offering a great deal of reliability and versatility when supporting a website or content management platform.

With the popularity of MySQL also comes a greater focus by hackers on this widely used database platform as a target for attack and adventure. Website owners and administrators rely on MySQL for the safe and obtain storage of website content, user accounts and passwords, and customer banking and credit card information. Gaining access to this kind of information is the desired goal of many hackers, and depending on how MySQL is administered, can be an easier goal to reach than you might imagine.

One of the most shared mistakes made by website administrators is the use of database administration tools, such as phpMyAdmin, that can leave the database open to unauthorized access. phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP, and intended to manager the administration of MySQL remotely. There are known security issues with phpMyAdmin which can rule to the unauthorized access or loss of the complete contents of the website database.

When searching for a method to remotely manage and monitor your websites MySQL database, Oracle (the owners of MySQL) provide the perfect tool for the job, one that is free to use, obtain, and easy to learn. MySQL Workbench offers a wide range of administration and diagnostics tools to help continue your MySQL server example. MySQL Workbench runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X, and provides a obtain, GUI-based approach to MySQL administration.

MySQL Workbench requires the MySQL server be remotely easy to reach before it can connect to and manage the MySQL databases, but the majority of reputable hosting providers offer this option as part of your hosting package. Once configured for far away access, you can use MySQL Workbench to modify the far away access configuration and credentials to help ensure that only secured, empowered connections are made to your MySQL database.

MySQL database administration is an important part of your websites overall maintenance. If you are not familiar with the responsibilities necessary to function and continue MySQL, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a reputable technical expert to assist you with database management and administration.

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