OfferWalls Module For Monster Collector Script

OfferWalls Module For Monster Collector Script


OfferWalls Module For Monster Collector Script

Offerwalls are a great way to monetize your game, your players can earn coins by completing surveys and responsibilities from ad partners who will pay you for each task completed by your players. Everyone wins! Your players earn free coins to grow in the game and you earn money.

How do the offerwalls work?

Coins are automatically additional to the player’s coin balance upon successful completion of a task. You do not need to create responsibilities, you just have to register in the sites that provide responsibilities and surveys, this module comes integrated with 4 companies (wannads, offertoro, adscendmedia and personaly). Follow the integration steps and everything will work in an automated way.

An basic module to earn more money

The more ways to earn coins there are in your game, the more loyal players you will have, the offerwalls are perfect to increase the income of the site since many surveys generate a high commission for the administrator which allows offering greater amounts of coins to the players for free.

Administrative panel

In the admin panel you can configure the offer walls in addition as activate or deactivate them at any time..

The module is integrated with the 4 most famous, stable and profitable survey and task providers. We also include in the documentation a detailed guide with illustrative images that will help you make the time of action of implementing the offerwalls extremely simple.

Email: [email protected]
Password: admin

Would you like to see a real project working with this module? Take a look at:

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  • Integrated with 4 famous, profitable, and stable survey and task providers. (wannads, offertoro, adscendmedia, personaly)
  • complete configuration guide for each offerwalls
  • High earnings paid by offerwalls to admin
  • Coins are automatically additional to the user when completing an offer
  • English and Spanish language file (other languages can be additional)
  • 99% of the text is in a single file to be edited and translated
  • Installation guide
  • sustain team obtainable to answer questions and errors that may occur with the module
  • When installing the module it is automatically additional to the menu and a small presentation is additional on the index
  • Increase user loyalty to return to your website every day


Monster Collector Script Version 1.0 or higher


  1. Upload the folder “offerwalls” from the “Source” folder of the script on your great number inside the folder: play/modules/
  2. Import the database file (SQL/offerwalls.sql) via PHPMyAdmin into the monster collector script database
  3. In the documentation you can see the guide to configure each offer provider (wannads, offertoro, adscendmedia and personaly)

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