Organic Search Engine Results: What They Are and Why They’re basic …

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make money in affiliate marketing is to start an aggressive article marketing campaign. The reason you write content is to have your affiliate site show up high in organic search engine results.

Here we’ll explain exactly what organic search results are, and how to get your affiliate website or blog notice via them.

What are Organic Search Engine Results?

Organic results are those you don’t pay for.

To back up a bit, when you market online, there are only two ways to get notice – via paid search results (ie, pay per click marketing), or via “free” search engine results (ie, organic listings). You know when you search for something online, those results that appear at the top of the page in a shaded box and those that appear to the right of the page are “Sponsored” results (ie, paid results).

Those that appear on the rest of the page are organic listings. And, the thing is, you can profit from competitor paid ads by ranking high in organic search engine listings.

Why/how? Because when they pay for their ad to show up under the sponsored listings, if your product is in the same niche and ranks high in organic search listings, you could get the sale.

Organic Search Engine Results are Trusted More by Web Surfers

Proof? Consider the following:

According to a study by Jupiter Research (a leading research firm), web surfers truly prefer and trust organic search results more. In fact, they are 8.5 times more likely to be clicked on than paid search results.

Trust leads to brand name recognition and (repeat) sales. Once consumers have bought one product from you and liked it, they’re much more likely to buy from you again.

The strength of Organic Search Engine Results to Make You Money in Affiliate Marketing

Following is already more insight into the strength of organic search engine results. This study was conducted Forrester, another leading research firm, in 2006. Although this was four years ago as of this writing, the statistics haven’t shifted all that much since then.

**93% of all Internet traffic initiates with a search engine;

**89% are first-time visitors;

**99% do not search beyond the top 30 results;

**97% never look beyond the top three results;

**76.7% of Google users click on the organic (unpaid) listings first;

**the top three websites in any industry earn 65% of all online revenue; and

**the top 10 websites have 78% more traffic than those in locaiongs 11-30.

Imagine if your affiliate site was on the first page of Google? How much money could you make? This is the strength of organic search engine results.

One way to rank high in organic search engine results without spending a dime?

Start an aggressive article marketing campaign. Article marketing directories get indexed quickly and frequently, which method your affiliate site can show up faster in search results.

I’ve posted an article to top-rated article directories and had it indexed and showing up in search results in as little as an hour – really. While this is not the fastest way to make money online in affiliate marketing, it is the cheapest and easiest way. And, it brings traffic and sales for years to come.

I know; I’ve been relying on the strength of article marketing to excursion traffic and sales to my sites for years.

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