Payoff Your Debt Early, Increase Your Equity and Save on Interest Char…

Payoff Your Debt Early, Increase Your Equity and Save on Interest Char…

This economy sucks and things are tough for almost everybody. We can sit around waiting for the government stimulus plan to bail us out individually or we can create a personal stimulus plan for ourselves. But how do we do that? Some people start buying more lottery tickets or try to start a home based business, while others turn to the internet looking for the secret to quick and easy wealth.

The truth is that all of those options carry about the same odds, zero to none. And have you ever seen more scams, trying to take advantage of people trying to enhance their situation? If you have an email account than you have no doubt been bombarded with every get high quick scheme imaginable. Who do you trust? How do you filter all the junk that’s out there today?  You don’t have to already try, there’s a better way to create that personal stimulus plan and it’s federally insured and flat out guaranteed to work. The only thing that can stop you is you!

We all wish we were out of debt and living the good life. I have a great life; wonderful children, beautiful grandchildren, a loving wife and soul mate, a beautiful home, a profitable and stable business, but life isn’t all good, I nevertheless worry every day about the debt that I have and how to get rid of it. I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the internet looking for a miracle solution, a quick fix. And I finally found one. And it’s not a new concept at all but it is a greatly improved concept and has helped me ease the everyday stress and strife of debt.

I found a company that is helping me do something I could have done myself, but haven’t. America is a nation of spenders, not savers and that’s a big reason for the situation this country faces now, I’m no exception, I spent and borrowed to the limits of my income and credit and then the bottom fell out. I needed a forced savings plan and I found the best one ever.

This company has given me a proven, tried and true method to getting out of debt well in improvement of the terms I signed  up for, without me just throwing a bunch of additional money at this debt; a scary thing to do in this economy. With no out of pocket expense or up front fees this method will pay off my mortgage nearly 8 years early, build my equity much faster and save me almost $129,000 in payments, $98,000 of which is pure interest.

And that’s not all. I have 2 auto loans, one with a $28,000 balance and another with a $21,000 balance. The First one will be paid of 11 months early, save me $2975 in payments and a little over $1000 in interest. The second loan will payoff 8 months early, save me $2400  in payments and almost $1000 in interest. I’m also paying off my son’s student loan 11 months early and saving nearly $3800 in payments and almost $600 in interest (the interest rate is very low or the interest savings would be already more).

If you’ve done the math you can see that this is a savings of nearly $136,000. That’s huge in my life and probably would be in yours in addition. I’m going to tell you how to do this for yourself and I hope you take advantage of the information. It will only be your loss if you don’t. Contact me and I will direct you to the company’s website;  you’ll see a list of features and benefits that should answer all your questions, you’ll also see a associate of videos, one from the Oprah Winfrey Show where Oprah introduces a associate from the audience to a gentleman who shows them how the program works and explains the benefits and savings. Powerful stuff, as soon as my wife saw Oprah recommending the program she was all in. Most importantly, you’ll see a calculator that will allow you to do side by side comparisons of any installment loan you might have. You will be able to see for yourself just how fantastic the savings are. And remember, there is no loan alteration and your monthly payment obligations keep the same.

You will need a User ID and password to enroll however and I can provide you with those in addition. There is no out of pocket or upfront fee to enroll, but nothing in life, nothing worthwhile anyway is truly free. This is the closest thing to free that you will ever find though. The company charges a deferred fee of $399. Here’s the kicker though, they collect the fee over time, from the savings, you will never write them a check for the $399 and you will never be billed for it either. It’s important to know that the $399 is money you’re already committed to giving your lender, and see no benefits, or you can enroll in the program, let $399 of your savings go towards paying off your debt early, building your equity faster and reducing the amount of interest you pay on your loans. it was a no brainer for me and everybody I have shared it with so far.

In fact, you know what the biggest initial reaction I have gotten so far is?  “I like to control my own finances”. That’s nuts, how are you in control of a loan where the lender has set the interest rate, the term, and the payment, you’re not, the lender is in control. If you want to really control your own finances, pay the loan off early, build your equity faster and save on interest charges. By the way, every one who has used that objection changed there tune when it was explained to them just how this method works.

I’m a recognized expert on personal finance, budgeting, credit, credit building and repair and I will tell you that this is the most dynamic and effective tool I have ever come across. Do yourself a great favor and contact me for details on how you can create this personal stimulus plan for yourself, you’ll only be sorry if you don’t.

My name is Gary and you can contact me by my website or @ [email protected]

I wish good luck to all of you in spite of and hope we all get by these tough times as unscathed as possible. Hang in there!

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