Penis and Testicle Massages Are Vital to Penis Growth – Find Out Why H…

Penis and Testicle Massages Are Vital to Penis Growth – Find Out Why H…

Most of us have heard that penis exercises can help enlarge the penis, by forcing more blood into the spongy tissues, the cells in the penis are ultimately divided and later repair themselves become larger. Ultimately after patient practice and a strict regime of diet and nutrients you can expect to see results in anything from 2-6 months. Whilst we all know how important jelqing and stretching is, there is one kind of exercise that is just as important but often overlooked – the massage.

Why a Massage?

It’s not just the penis that needs to be massaged, the testicles also need to be massaged and so does the PC muscle. This will help enhance blood circulation, which is integral to enlarging the penis, prevent premature ejaculation and will assistance testosterone production in addition. It’s also good to check the testicles on a regular basis for any signs of disease.

How To Massage Your Penis

It’s important not to confuse massage with masturbation. First make sure your genitals are warmed up, you can do this by either wrapping them in a warm cloth or performing the massage after a shower/bath. Massage the penis when it is in a flaccid state, using 2 fingers and thumb, move the fingers around covering as much surface area as possible, concentrating on the base of the penis where the arteries and veins go into and leave the penis. Do this for about 5 minutes before moving onto the testicles, take one testis in your fingers and massage the surface carefully for about 90 seconds. Look out for any lumps or abnormalities, then repeat the time of action with your other hand. Finally massage the PC massage, which is from your scrotum to your anus. Use your fingers to do this and try to get in everywhere, left and right sides, top to bottom. Relax the muscle whilst massaging, the meaningful to preventing premature ejaculation is the ability to relax this muscle. This shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.

Further Benefits

Overall the whole course of action should take no more than 15 minutes a day and will enhance your sexual health, erections, ejaculation and, if combined with a program, penis enlargement. How can it help with penis enlargement you may ask? Well something that is meaningful in enlarging the penis is what is truly in the blood that enters the penis. If the blood that enters your penis is high in nutrients, biochemicals and growth hormones, your penis will have a much greater chance of enlarging it than without. Massaging the base of the penis allows these nutrients to access the penis more easily.

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