Personal Qualities in a Good Greeting Card Writer – Do You Have Them?

Being a greeting card writer is a very profitable job, especially when you are employed by big companies like Hallmark and Blue Mountain. And when you add in the psychic income benefits – touching people’s lives and truly enjoying your job – you have a very viable career for you. But do you have these personal qualities?

Sympathy and Empathy

These are two very different, in addition very related, characteristics. You cannot feel empathy if you have not truly experienced the situation that produced the feelings of another but you can feel sympathy already if you have only read about it.

If you are so wrapped up in your own little world, not already all the best Cross pens in the world can make you a good writer of greeting cards, or of other reading materials for that matter. You have to embrace other people and their feelings!

This does not average that you have to be everything and do everything. Often, you just need to read on various topics to acquire varying frames of reference. And if you have active relationships with family and friends, you have a goldmine of emotions just waiting to be tapped and written by Cross pens at your disposal!

Openness of Heart

This does not average that you have to be emotionally unprotected at all times. You have to be able to open your heart to emotions that would have been considered too “Drama Queen” or too “Hallmark schmaltzy” or “too Forrest Gump foolish” were you in less-creative and less-emotionally challenging careers.

You should write from the heart if you want to touch the heart of the readers. This way, you will encourage them to touch their wallets, too. You never thought that your talent with wielding those Cross pens to write sappy poems could rule to smooth finances, right?

Originality and Freshness

There are thousands of greeting card writers in the world. Your original and fresh ideas will make you stand out from the crowd, especially when these are humorous and smart. And lest you think that you will not be recognized for your work, some companies do concede authorship of the cards!

These characteristics acquire more importance when you understand that you will be writing for a very limited range of topics. You will have to write possibly hundreds of cards all relating to birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, and other holidays in addition as lovers’ quarrels, mother-daughter spats and other all-too-human situations. This brings up the next characteristics, which are possibly the most important of all.

Grit and Determination

Not all writers get to have their works published on their maiden effort. Your works might be rejected over and over again, which can be quite disheartening after as your rejection mail piles up.

Nevertheless, you should never give up your writing Cross pens and paper! Instead, you have to keep on writing and writing and writing. As a greeting card writer, you cannot already put writer’s block as an excuse because you have to produce a set quota of cards. Inspiration is good but production is better.

Of course, you will need writing talent, preferably loads of it. But without these personal qualities, your talent will be wasted.

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