Pest Control in the Food Service, Catering &  Hospitality Industries

Pest Control in the Food Service, Catering & Hospitality Industries

It can be said that in the food sets industry – be it café, restaurant or caterer that perception and image is everything. Once listed in your local newspaper as having been noted – or already closed down by your local city, state or provincial health department authorities and you are as good as finished. Dead in the water for forever. Once in people minds – especially if the newspaper article is graphic and descriptive and all most of your customers or possible customers can say or think about your formation or food service is “yuk” and “I will never go there”. If you are a caterer then you can well think about canceled events that you have booked never mind a dearth of new meal and catering contracts and bookings is they weddings, bar mitzvahs or staff Christmas parties.

As with most things and events in life and in the food sets, hotel and hospitality service industries prevention is meaningful. Count on it. A major role of fire departments is prevention and so should pest prevention be in your case.

Not every rodent is an attractive pet hamster. To keep those pesky pest rodents – in most situations rats and mice – away the first rule and step is for operators of food service establishments to ensure that there is absolutely no way for these pests to gain entry into their establishments. What this method is that all plumbing and electrical lines must be sealed perfectly tight and sealed tight. Next in addition all holes and fractures in the drywall areas need to be patched promptly and well. Another alternate method of entry for these lovely animals is though open delivery doors. Using mechanical traps, in these high risk areas of invasion and entry usually does the trick. If possible it is always best to catch these pests alive. They can always be dropped off at night in the immediate vicinity of any of your worst competitors.

In addition it is often recommended by specialized pest control experts and sets that it is best in restaurants and the food service trade , when planning or upgrading you kitchen areas not to use shelving that goes all the way to the ground ( the floor) . All in all this allows for easier cleaning , less clutter and in the end less hiding spots and hidden areas for pests of all kinds to reside , and copy in comfortable , safe nests in addition. In addition when it comes to storage of any food products or elements these should be as a matter of standard routine placed on higher shelves and in sealed containers.

Lastly in terms of those often most resistant pests – cockroaches , it is observed and is more than well known , in the pest control trades , that cockroaches love water and moisture. consequently always instruct your staff to be more than careful and be vigilant against any areas and places of standing water. Take care, and advise your staff in addition to get rid of any standing water – including water that may be residual in any dishwasher machines.

To finish off, when it comes to pests in the restaurant trade and food sets industry prevention is meaningful. Keep your areas clean, don’t allow pests to go into and lastly always remember to take out the garbage and trash properly. Trash of course must be removed off site promptly and quickly in a regular and routine schedule. Ensure that your garbage is removed on a regular and frequent trash pick up schedule.

If pest problems plague your food or hospitality service business you are as good as finished. Your reputation and image once lost in the food service trade, once lost is gone and can often never be recovered or renewed.

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