Popular International Tattoo Styles

Popular International Tattoo Styles

Though the tradition of tattooing spans throughout the world, some of the most popular styles in the united states, would be:

Celtic tattoos:

Celtic tattooing has become by far one of the most popular designs for tattoos. From their complicate crosses, knot-work, the early Celts displayed them on metal, jewelry, and weapons. Most Celtic designs are taken from Irish manuscripts. Celtic knots are one of the most popular and are usually complicate loops with no end or beginning, which in Celtic traditions symbolizes the never ending cycle of death and rebirth. Zoomorphic (Celtic animal) designs are usually fairly similar , but the lines end in the feet, heads, and tails. Celtic tattoos have become the ideal design for people with Celtic, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage. However, tackling this style can be daunting for some artists as it requires an eye for detail and uniformity.

Chinese Tattoos:

Chinese tattoos often characterize dragons and Kanji signs. These tattoos can be seen in all social groups. Everyone from big celebrities to your average Joe have caught the fever for these eye-catching and artistically beautiful tattoos. The Chinese characters tend to please aesthetically, which only increases its popularity. The meaning behind Chinese tattoos can be endless, as the client’s meaning produces much more sway on them than a meaning written in a text book. Most people can clarify with the strength and strength of a dragon, and often times contribute it to change in their lives.

In change to the Japanese style tattoos, I would like to stop for a moment and discuss Kanji tattoos. Kanjis are oriental inspired tattoos, and are by far one of the more popular walk-in tattoos. However, many Kanji tattoos go regretted due to the mis-translation of meaning. Though, most kanji’s on flash sheets say words beneath them you aren’t able to translate the signs directly into the English language. It is important to first do some research before getting any ones, already stimulus of the whim tattoos.

Japanese Tattoos:

Once again, much like the Chinese dragons, Japanese tattoos are gaining steam in popularity. The more shared tattoos would be Koi fish, as they usually help represent rebirth, and change. Dragons, the Phoenix, tigers, and many other designs are fairly popular in addition. There are many artists these days that specialize in the oriental styles , of which tend to be more of an elaborate, and vibrant tattoo style.

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