Preliminary Knowledge Before Pursuing Disability Claims in Los Angeles

Preliminary Knowledge Before Pursuing Disability Claims in Los Angeles

The Hard Part of Disability

Sustaining any kind of disability, in fact, is a remorseful that any person may encounter in his complete life or career. despite his physical pain and agony, a disabled individual may also has to carry some sorts of financial problems for his medical bills and other daily expenses. Without sufficient aid, he may not be able to survive this tragic encounter.

In Los Angeles, Social Security has been a advantageous ally for those workers who, in a point of their lives, have been disabled for various reasons. Programs, like the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, seek to minimize a person’s further experiencing. by their monthly checks, the disabled beneficiaries will have their supplementary source of income to sustain their needs.

Filing a disability application with the Social Security Administration is not that difficult. however, since many of the qualified employees are not that aware of some matters that should be addressed before filing their petitions, more than 60% of the total number of applications every year is being denied.

Along with this, some applicants do not have the determination to pursue the time of action that may last some months or already years depending on different circumstances. These reasons forced them to hire their respective Los Angeles disability claim attorneys to help them out with course of action.

Social Security’s Definition of Disability

A disabled person, under Social Security statutes, is one who has consistent any physical or mental impairment causing him the incapacity to be involved in any “substantial gainful activity.” Such illness must also has last or expected to last for a continuous period of twelve months or to consequence in his death.

A complete list of considered impairment may be found on the SSA’s website. however, ask the advice coming from qualified Los Angeles disability claim attorneys for proper eligibility assessment.

Filing a Disability Claims Application

There are several ways to apply for disability benefits. First, a disabled worker may call the SSA’s office at 1-800-772-1213, between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday by Friday. He may also send his applications and other inquiries by mail or already by their website at

For more immediate results or response, it would be better if the applicant schedule a visit with an SSA office nearest their area. Here, Social Security personnel will provide him assistance regarding his appeal. It would also be helpful if he will be represented by a credible attorney to avoid encountering problems.

What a Los Angeles Disability Claim Attorney will Do

As stated, an experienced attorney who has a notable reputation in handling Social Security claims can provide important roles in obtaining the bests results. By doing the following, an able representative may speed up the time of action or already increase the amount of recoveries:

  • An attorney can look on older applications made by the disabled client. If nevertheless possible for reopening, this will probably speed up the time of action.
  • An attorney will prepare several documents needed to establish his client’s eligibility. These include the disabled worker’s medical records, birth certificate, employment record and tax documents among others.
  • If necessary, a representative will gather other statements coming from the applicant’s former health care providers or have impairment examined by other medical experts. This is to enhance the possibility of winning the case.
  • In the event that a disability claim was denied on the first try, Social Security attorneys may file an allurement before the Administrative Law estimate or consequence in civil litigations until they gain a positive outcome. This is upon the instructions of the clients.

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