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Ever Color 1day Colorcon 1day diploma Yes No 10 sheets DKDM13244

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? progressive administration medical tools approval quantity: 22300BZX00212A01 / 22600BZX00273A02? moisture content material: 38.6% / 42.5%? lens diameter (DIA): 14.5mm? lens BC (BC): 8.7mm? frequency (PWR): ± 0.00 ~ -8.00? length of use: 1day? 1 field of the variety of sheets: 10 sheets? Publisher: Co., Ltd. son-in-law? produced and offered Co., Ltd. Ayre”For Ever colour sequence”Ever colour sequence is the colour contact model Uriageru 100 million 5,000 million copies complete since its set afloat in 2011.Based on the “primary feeling for on a regular basis use”, it’s broadly favored as a model that includes a reasonably pattern.During deployment all 5 sequence 24 colours of the lens.”Ever Color 1day idea”Ever Color 1day that the colour line “water colour ring” of latest concepts to suggest “vivid colour ring”.Add a brand new colour four-color, and showcases essentially the most engaging of the pupil with a unique design and colour, respectively.”Product Features”[Point1]-out twist to barely Tsuyame in colourColor design to supplement superbly a pupil “twist to paint”. Faintly have the turn up of the pupil gloss.[Point2] diameter 14.5mmModerately leaks simply the appropriate measurement DIA14.5mm.[Point3] moisturizing elements ? UV minimize performComponents & UV minimize perform with moisture for necessary pupil. Approximately twice the water retention of moisturizing MPC polymer hyaluronic acid immersion lens.Since the MPC polymer wraps gently lens turn out to be a veil of moisture, gently additionally the pupil, moisture of tears and continued lengthy.In addition, to guard the eyes from the year-drenched ultraviolet rays UV minimize perform.Brand Name: Ever ColorSequence title: 1dayImage Model: Sawajiri ErikaCOLOR VARIATION[Crystal Brown]Clear in beautiful distinction colorBasic brown and crisp black edge is start to beautiful distinction, in clear colour.[Plutinum Gray]Adult sense of drifting cool pupilAlso it should are likely to grey floating, that black edge is tighten a pupil, directing the grownup sense of drifting cool pupil whereas firmly coloring.[Pure Black]Clean and fairly harmless pupilBy overlaying the totally different black concentrations, produce a pure black eye.Cute and CLEAN, the pupil, such because the harmless woman.[Baby Pink]In Glossy pink girly eyesClint pupil on the edge Nikki in black border Ă— Glossy stand out pink colour growth, in a beautiful girly eyes.[Silky Topaz] ? NewClarity, reminiscent of inserting the lightI overlaid the sting of the darkish colour to 2 colours of sunshine colour, tone up the colour of the eyes naturally.Faintly mild it, reminiscent of insert, clear the pupil a way of transparency.[Marron Blink] ? NewLook with a robust presence and brillianceRadially designed orange and yellow shine a pupil, by taking the sting in darkish brown, within the eyes with a robust presence.Exquisite coloration, end with items, in addition glamorous.[Snow Veil] ? NewPupil was lacking a way of KiratsuBy overlaying the brown Movugure with a barely bluish, plus a very good beautiful colour sense of the pupil acquainted.Sparkles was minimize to random dots within the eyes, to the plaque lacking impression.[Melty Olive] ? NewOf olive colour supplied at HitomiBy overlaying the 2 colours of olive colour, it blends into the pure and the pupil, the pure end, reminiscent of the colour of the pupil was allowed to alter.Produce a way of digests is nonchalant accent of the within.

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