Production Line Of Non-Woven Shopping Bags

Manufacturers of non-woven bags use automatic machines for the production. the time of action entails different types of machines that are being used. Large companies function with fully automatic machines while small to medium companies use semi-automatic machines, but some are functional enough to do it manually. It basically depends upon each company’s growing need to the market.

The production line of nonwoven shopping bags follows strict compliance to meet high quality standards. There is a meaningful system which is being followed depending on what kind of non-woven shopping bag is about to manufacture. We have noted some basic processes which most non-woven bags are going by.

The first course of action is the Slitting Machine or commonly called the slitter rewinder. This machine is basically the one slitting down the non-woven fiber from the large master roll making it into a smaller roll of fabric. This machine can efficiently produce large quantity of smaller rolls for just a minimum amount of time. This kind of machine is basically consists of razor blades and different types of knives which serve for its cutting purposes.

The second course of action is the printing machine. This course of action is the application of the desired color and design on the non-woven fabric. Non-woven shopping bag usually comes in different colors and styles so in this stage you will be able to decide which kind of shared color is being printed out on the fabric. This is sometimes incorporated with dyeing. The shared color is usually black, green and already orange.

This is the best time also to print out the company logo on the fiber. If you require large quantity of non-woven shopping bags, it is advisable to print first on the fiber before it goes by the cutting course of action or the machinery which outputs the non-woven shopping bag.

The third one is an automatic non-woven bag machine. This is the most important part of the time of action because in this stage you will be able to see a pre-finished product. In this machine it happens where the exact size of the non-woven shopping bag is being measured and cut into desired sizes. After that, it goes by the folding course of action where it creates the body and flips each side of the bag for complete lining. This equipment has a computer touch screen where the operator can manipulate the number bags being produced. It has also devices like auto counting and auto punching facility.

The last part of the time of action is the ultrasonic manager sewing machine. Small strips of the non-woven fiber will be run by this sewing machine for better lining. After that, it will be cut into the desired length of the manager. After which it has been cut into pieces it will pass by the sealing course of action where it can perfectly fit on the upper part of the non-woven shopping bag. This machine needs two personnel to function the time of action. The other one will keep up the body then the other one places the manager.

These are only an overview of the systems in manufacturing non-woven shopping bags. They look quite very complicated but if the right course of action will be followed, you will definitely be able to create your own set of non-woven shopping bags.

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