Psychic Dreaming: Messages in My Dreams

Psychic Dreaming: Messages in My Dreams

Dreams contain messages that are useful. Our dreams show a lot about us and we can use dreaming as a great personal development tool. Almost all of humanity dreams. But how do we decipher the inner meanings of dreams and begin to use their messages in functional ways to help our everyday lives? Dreams contain psychic codes and signs and once we understand their meaning we become more empowered in mind, body, and spirit than before. If you want reliable methods on how to understand the messages in your dreams then read on.

We have much inner strength and a lot of this inner genius we all possess is hidden and unused. It rests as insignificant possible awaiting a strong mind and will to use and apply what character gave us in abundance. Dreaming assists us to know more about ourselves and the inner psyche. Dreams have messages from our soul. Once we work out how to make sense of our dreams our lives begin to become empowered in spiritual ways we have not encountered before.

The first method to gain awareness of dreams is to become aware of them. This act of paying attention to dreams gives the mind an excuse to remember and retain the dream state. A good way of prompting this remembering of dreams is to have a notebook and pen, or a dream journal some call it, by your bed when you are asleep. This way you can very easily observe down your dreams when they happen and later begin to decipher them. Keep a positive expectation about it all and you will find you can begin to ingemination more and more of your dreaming.

Sleep learning is another personal development tool and many have found success by playing CD recordings while they go to sleep. The mind relaxes at bedtime going into what is known as the alpha state and this lets you retain more information for learning purposes.

Dreams show us insight into the struggles of our daily lives and really gives us worth while clues on how to arrive at the solutions to our life problems. Dreaming releases a lot of energy from the mind and heart and this is healthy because when the dreams release the psychic energy it dissolves the energy blockages. Many creative ideas, visions, and inner forewarnings come from dreams.

A dream dictionary is often used and consulted for interpretation of dream signs but I feel your should go by what your heart tells you the dream meaning is and not go strictly by the book. It is the meaning behind the dreams is what we are after. This is open to varied interpretation and this is why psychic methods are often recommended to make sense from dreams from the thorough subconscious mind.

Dreaming should be promoted and given free expression. Dreaming empowers our spiritual essence and discloses the hidden working of our soul. The more we remember our dreaming the more empowered we become on all mind, body, and spirit levels and this is the psychic dreaming way to work out messages in dreams.

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