Psychic FAQ – Is EVP Real? (And the BEST Way to Communicate With the Spirit Universe Instead)

Psychic FAQ – Is EVP Real? (And the BEST Way to Communicate With the Spirit Universe Instead)

What is EVP? Is it real… or just a big joke? How can I tell if the messages are really authentic… instead of a garbled, jumbled mess of nonsense that makes NO sense at all? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at one of the most shared questions folks ask a psychic about spirit communication… and address some shared myths and misconceptions about EVP in addition.

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EVP stands for Electronic Voice occurrences. While there are some different interpretations of what is considered good EVP evidence, in general, discarnate voices that are caught on a digital recording device of unknown origin, that can be deciphered by more than one impartial person, is a starting point for a good piece of evidence.

Do all psychic mediums believe that EVP is real?

Most do, yes. BUT, like any other group of people… many mediums will disagree about the quality of a PARTICULAR piece of electronic voice occurrences. In other words, I’ve been in a room with 3 or 4 world class psychics or mediums who have wildly different opinions on one piece of evidence – raining from “WOW”… to “so what, it sounds like fuzz!”, all in the same sentence.

The truth is though – as a whole, if you believe in the idea of afterlife communication, the jump from THAT idea, to the concept that spirits can communicate in a way that can be captured on a digital recording device, is NOT a big jump of faith at all.

My own thoughts on EVP?

I’ve heard some crystal clear, and super instinctive recordings that have literally made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I’ve heard other recordings that some believe are uncanny evidence of spirit communication that have NOT convinced me a lick. As a psychic, and however a born skeptic in addition, I’ve found that there is a lot of wishful thinking in the EVP world… and that what some WANT to hear, is often what they do… already if it sounds forced, fuzzy or already fake to others who don’t have the same emotional energy invested in the outcome.

Do observe though…

I DO believe that some of the best EVPs represent some of the best evidence that spirits are around us all in ordinary life, and if you are a serious spiritual seeker, can be a fun and easy and inexpensive way to test all of this stuff yourself, without having to believe anything on faith.

That said, I nevertheless think that the BEST way to communicate with spirit is by more traditional method. Speaking to psychics and mediums who continue an open channel to the spirit world is probably the fastest way of getting first hand evidence that there is. So too is a dedicated meditative practice where you visualize loved ones you’ve lost… and want to reconnect with. (it can take a while to have your first genuine encounter, but with practice, you can start having some truly life changing experiences)

The big reason I prefer more direct methods of spirit communication over EVP?

Simply because unless you have a group of likeminded people and a lot of time to listen to a whole lot of empty space, EVP can truly be very BORING! (you have to first record, and then listen very, very carefully to many hours of tape to hear that first “hit”… and getting there ultimately bores most folks to tears)

Talking to a medium, or learning to communicate yourself is often moment, exciting, and life changing to boot!

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