Rainforest Birds – Eclectus Parrot

Rainforest Birds – Eclectus Parrot

Bird Name:

Eclectus Parrot

Latin Name:

Eclectus roratus


Least Concern

Scientific Classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Aves

Order: Psittaciformes

Family: Psittacidae

Subfamily: Psittacinae

Tribe: Psittaculini

Genus: Eclectus

Species: E. roratus

General Information:

The Eclectus Parrot, also known as the Red-sided Eclectus, is a native species of northeastern Australia and the nearby Indonesian and Pacific islands. It is noted for its bright colored feathers, which are used by native tribes for decorations, and its talking ability. These attributes have made it a popular pet.

Physical Description:

On average it is about 14 inches in length and weighs in the range of 250 – 550 g. The Eclectus is known for its high degree of sexual dimorphism. The male is bright green with an orange-yellowish upper mandible and black lower mandible. Its sides and under wings are red, with blue on the sides of its wings. The female is mostly red with an all-black bill and purple on its belly. There are ten recognized subspecies of this bird, each with differing color schemes compared to the nominate race.


The Eclectus feeds on fruits, flowers, and seeds. Its digestive system is said to be extremely efficient in absorbing nutrients, and its intestinal tract is longer than average to adjust to the high fiber foods it requires.


The Eclectus occurs in rainforests and woodlands. Its range includes the Cape York Peninsula of Australia, the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and several Indonesian islands, including the Molucca group. It nests in holes in trees, among rocks, and among termite mounds.


A female Eclectus Parrot usually lays 2 eggs per clutch, and incubates them for about 30 days, during which time the male feeds her. The young fledge after about 70 – 80 days.

Eclectus are exceptional parrots and ideally appropriate as a pet. Whenever taught properly, they’re capable of cognitive behavior from a really young age.

The capability of the Eclectus to speak with humans is because of their extremely inquisitive character, a characterize highly connected to their existence within the rainforest cover. This habitat is really a high ecosystem needing a heightened visual in addition as audible intellect to understand.

The Eclectus has developed the complicate breeding tradition in this crowded vegetative ecosystem, resulting in communal reproduction where uncles and aunties assist rear young inside a crèche -like situation. This discussing and caring function of the Eclectus makes them typically the perfect pet.

Whenever treated in a likewise caring and smart way they will rapidly learn to communicate cognitively. Eclectus additionally prefer a relaxed ecosystem and have a powerful capability to notice modifications within their normal ecosystem.

These highly smart birds are really cartoon and love to take part in daily activities and in doing this, will rapidly turn out to be familiar with a daily routine. Eclectus could be kept with other parrot species although it is very important that any brand new bird is launched within the correct style. This involves providing one-on-one attention with the rare bird and as almost as much ast possible, maintaining it’s normal daily regimen.

Regular and continued training form a basic component of the Eclectus development along with the correct love in addition as attention, this extremely intelligent bird makes an superb pet.

already though Eclectus is a lovely chicken both physically in addition as temperamentally, its personality before has been misunderstood. This particular species has been characterized as boring, boring, lethargic, shy in addition as stupid. What the informal observer is viewing, nonetheless, is the Eclectus Parrot’s reaction to tension. When confronted by unfamiliar situations or already strangers they thorough freeze and wait. Within familiar surroundings with folks they know they’re garrulous, highly animated, interested, affectionate and fun.

All Eclectus subspecies proportion comparable behaviors and personas but with slight variations, for example Solomon Island in addition as New Guinea Eclectus are a lot more docile compared to big domineering Australian Eclectus, so when hand reared are considered to create the very best pets. already though personality of chickens is definite from penis Eclectus, it is questionable in spite of of whether hens or pricks make much better pets.

The actual hen is a lot more intense than the cock. Whenever nesting, hand-reared hens tend to be much more aggressive than aviary-bred chickens. Both make similarly great pets however hens are a lot more likely to create hormonally related behavioral.

Eclectus possess a wide and most uncommon range of sounds, such as soft bell or gong shades, coos, whistles, comic konks and squeals. The majority are really pleasant towards the ear. Nonetheless, they likewise have the capability to scream or already indulge in raucous screeching whenever frightened, disturbed or already excited. Eclectus Parrots additionally voice words and phrases really clearly.

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