Rehab Centers Claim Depression Causes Relapses And Hinders Recovery

Rehab Centers Claim Depression Causes Relapses And Hinders Recovery

Quite a few rehab centers focusing on traditional psychiatric and medical management of addiction view depression as its dominant cause. Those practicing these programs generally assign psychotropic meds or antidepressants to make depression go away. However depression drugs merely treat the symptoms without truly addressing the cause of the problem. Giving recovering drug addicts additional medications to take could make the situation worse and already cause them not to retrieve altogether.

Although there are drug addicts that struggled with depression that worsened their substance abuse these comprise just a small number of people. Sure addicts are depressed but their depression comes from screwing up their lives. Relationships with family and close friends is tense and oftentimes they are unable to keep up down jobs add to that their legal and monetary woes. Their situation is pretty tough to manager and it makes them sad. You then see depression in a new light as a logical emotion for addicts to cling to. It also becomes increasingly clear how giving more medications poses a problem especially for those being treated in rehab centers. Additional drugs will not aid these people in straightening themselves out.

Cause number two of depression among addicts is their extreme physical exhaustion. Combine the irregular eating and sleep patterns with daily ingestion of various chemicals and their health is bound to suffer. Poor health can average having zero energy which causes physical lethargy. This kind of condition will again not be helped by the administration of more drugs. Better nutrition together with adequate exercise and sleep are basic to being healthy again both mentally and physically.

nevertheless stuffing depressed addicts with drugs is undoubtedly the treatment option that is easier. Being counselors or advisers in rehab centers entails little time and skill when it comes to going this route plus addicts briefly become happier. Taking medication definitely calls for less effort and time unlike really nursing addicts back to health so they can function properly in society and foster healthy relationships using the social in addition as life skills they learned.

Recovery is an uphill climb plus addicts do not look forward to taking stock of their lives and being responsible for their wrong decisions and actions. Successfully completing the time of action method an addict gets to go out happier and more stable without need for further drug use.

Drugs be they prescription or non will not provide the same results. Depression connected to addiction is only masked by the drugs momentarily, and the depression comes back later because the addict’s problems were not dealt with. The depression often worsens following the wearing off of the drug’s effects. Masking the signs and symptoms irritating the addicts is what enables the abusive cycle to continue uninterrupted.

Keep in mind that already legal drugs sometimes act in ways similar to the drugs that addicts favor. In this situation where does the information REHABILITATION fit in that most drug rehab centers are spouting?

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