Runny Nose Hippos Text Positive For Covid19

Runny Nose Hippos Text Positive For Covid19

Europe : Runny nose hippos text positive for Covid19

A Belgian zoo has said that its two hippopotamuses have been taken into quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus. It is not in addition clear how Imani, aged 14, and Hermien, 41, caught the virus, Antwerp Zoo said, adding the animals were doing well except having runny noses.

Hippos noses typically tend to be wet, but Vercammen said he decided to test the thick liquid coming out as a precaution, and was surprised by the consequence. The hippos’ surrounding has been closed to visitors and will only be reopened once the pair test negative.

The care takers of these animals have tested negative and they must use masks and safety glasses before approaching the animals.

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