Self Sufficient Living is Great For Any Lifestyle

Self sufficient living has so many benefits to it, it is a surprise we do not live like this already. One of the greatest benefits of living self sufficiently is the free strength we get in addition as the organic food and clothing.

Self sufficient living works because we do everything ourselves or at the minimum we do most of the work ourselves, we grow our own food organically, without pesticides, we grow our own cotton, hemp and make our own clothes.

We make water, solar or wind generators to strength all our electronics, we build our houses out of the earth, stone and wood and we excursion high efficiency, high economical cars.

The idea behind self sufficient living is that we cut down as much dependency as we can on outside supplies, so if something goes wrong in the world we are not so bad off. If the world economy crashed and we were practicing self-sufficiency, we would be much better off.

We would have plenty of organic food, water and clothing, we would have land and free energy to strength all our electronics. The only thing we might have problems with would be our means if the price of gas went up very high.

Take for example, wind powered generators, if you live in a part of the country that has a lot of wind, then investing in a wind powered generator would be excellent. You could be producing enough energy for all your electric applications such as your TV, refrigerator, stove, lights, stereo, computer, hot water heater and more.

Another great energy system is solar strength. If you live in an area that gets lots of sun, say like a tropical place or somewhere down south, then a solar generator might be better. These generators create electricity directly from the sun and can strength many home applications, cutting the energy bill considerably.

Finely we have water-strength, this kind of energy generator works by using the energy of a stream or waterfall. Not everyone has running water nearby, but if you do have a stream, creek or waterfall on your character, you could use one of these generators to produce strength. These small generators are very efficient and a few of them can strength a complete home.

Another great aspect of self sufficient living is organic gardening. There is nothing to compare with tasting food grown by yourself, food picked strait from your own garden has the most flavorful taste, is the best for our health and it is almost free.

If, however you cannot grow your own garden, then buying organic food is the next best thing. Organic food grown by someone else tastes just as good and is just as healthy for you as growing it yourself.

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