Selling Your House – A Quick Backyard Blitz to enhance Your Selling Pr…

By doing a quick makeover of your backyard you will create a favourable impression with your possible buyers. An untidy backyard or a bare backyard could cost you a sale.

Some buyers will see it as a challenge, they want to create their own garden, but many will be turned off as they can’t see themselves creating a garden. They may not be physically able to do it, or they might use all their financial resources in the buy and know they won’t be able to provide their dream garden. So they will look in other places.

I have just done my yard and this is what we did.

1. Hire a skip (this is a big metal bin) and we filled it weeds and the grass we removed. We also had a huge woodpile. There were a lot of termites and I had been ignoring them, but I didn’t want a possible buyer to see them.

So we loaded the whole wood pile into the skip.

2. Next we cleared the garden beds and mulched with wood chips. Here’s a tip: if your mulch comes up against your grass or a path, it will create a very difficult edge to keep tidy. Every time you use your lawn trimmer there will be wood chips flying everywhere.

What you do is dig down along the edge of the grass or the path about 2-3 inches or 75 mm, and slope it back about 12 inches or 300mm wide. This way when you place the mulch the top of it will be level with the grass or the path. This is easy to continue.

3. Next we brought in a Dingo. This is a mini digger and perfect for back yards. The driver scraped the surface grass off and smoothed the complete lawn so that I could now direct the water to wherever we wanted it to go. This is also a good time to put in any necessary drains.

If your house is being sold during a rainy period you don’t want buyers to see puddles or worse in your yard.

4. Next job was to lay the new lawn. Discuss the kind with your local turf supplier. You don’t want to use too much money but it has to look good.

The mulched garden is now ready for planting out. Use progressive plants, but not too big as it will cost too much

A quick coat of paint to the old garden discarded and a fresh coat to the garden path. And a once sad backyard has been converted to a lush inviting as a hobby space. The total cost $3000, but the house iis worth about $600,000 so it is proportionally good spending at 1/2of one %

For most families the back yard is seen as a safe play area, not to mention a great place to cook some steaks and have a few beers.

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