Sexual Compatibility Signs – A fleeting Look at the Sexual Personality Tr…

Sexual Compatibility Signs – A fleeting Look at the Sexual Personality Tr…

We are going to take a very fleeting look at each sign of the zodiac in addition at the signs general sexual traits. This is not gender specific. The characteristics you will read about apply to both the male and female sexes. Let us get started!

Sex with an Aquarius is wild, exciting and unpredictable. This sign loves to experiment during sex. This keeps things exciting. This air sign loves to know what is on your mind at all times. Aquarius are very lustful creatures. This sign can be passionate once a true connection has been established, however, Aquarius love no strings attached sex. Aquarius tends to prefer sex without an emotional connection.

Pisces is a very erotic and sensual lover. Pisces love having sex and love to bond with their lovers. Pisces are emotional lovers in addition. Pisces will express their emotions by sex and are very sensitive to the sexual desires and sexual needs of their lovers. Pisces think about sex often and tend to fantasize about sex frequently.

Aries are lovers that need to be in charge. This sign is very passionate, intimate and sexual, but only for a short period of time. Aries are very moody lovers and not very patient and not always sensitive to their lovers. Most signs of the zodiac find Aries very sexually alluring. However, it does not take long for other signs to be turned off by Aries.

Taurus are very sensual, very lustful, and love sex with a passion. You do not want to rush a Taurus into having sex however. This sign likes to take their time. Lots of foreplay is needed with Taurus. Taurus love food as much as sex, so if you can mix the two, you are in for one heck of a sexual encounter.

The Gemini is turned on by their intellectual match. Gemini love the funny, smart, humorous and amusing partner. This is because the Gemini tends to have all of these characteristics in addition. The Gemini is stimulated mentally first. Sharing sensual erotic fantasies is a great way to arouse a Gemini. Gemini also likes to experiment during sex. Gemini likes to analyze their love lives in addition. Gemini is often thorough in thought and love to try to figure everything out.

Cancers are very emotional and require lots of foreplay in addition. They respond strongly to the sense of touch. This is a very sensual sign and Cancers are typically great in bed. This is because they are sexual, sensual and emotional and experimental. They tend to cater to all of the needs of their partner. When a Cancer is making love to a partner that he or she is in love with, the feeling is very intense for him or her. It is not just a physical thing. It is very passionate and very real. The heart of the Cancer is deeply in it. A Cancer will rarely if ever forgive instances of infidelity or unfaithfulness in a relationship. It is difficult for a Cancer to heal from this. If the Cancer does decide to forgive, the other party needs to watch out! Revenge is likely to come.

The Leo also needs to be in charge. This sign carries around a sexual confidence and has a great big ego. The Leo loves and needs to be complimented and praised for taking charge sexually and for doing things well. The praise needs to be current in order to satisfy the ego of the Leo. The Leo enjoys sex most with those whom they have formed an emotional preference for or are in love with. It is very easy for a Leo to walk away from a person after having a sexual encounter if there is no emotional attachment. However, if there is an attachment, the Leo is likely to be around for a long time.

The Virgo is very sensual and passionate, but they like to keep these feelings hidden. Virgo are also very picky; consequently this sign typically will not just get into bed with anyone. Virgo is also very controlling and need to be in charge. However, Virgo is also very caring in addition. The Virgo has the ability to make their partner feel very special and desirable. If you can dig thorough and tap into the hidden sensual side of the Virgo, it is likely that he or she will fall in love.

Libra are sensual, generous and love to please. Libra are typically great lovers. They do not like to have sex with just anyone, but the Libra will have sex with someone if the opportunity presents itself, already if he or she is not fully attracted to them. They will likely keep this encounter a secret. The Libra prefers a sexual partner that is alluring and attractive to them. Libra wants to be loved and desired by someone they, in turn find attractive and desirable. If the mutual allurement is there, the Libra will do everything it takes to please his or her partner.

Of all the zodiac signs, the Scorpio is the most sexual. Scorpio has an intense sexual appetite and typically desire partners that can match their hunger and desire for sex. This signs intensity during sex is very powerful. It is so powerful that the Scorpio has the ability to manipulate and conquer their partners with their sexuality, it is just that strong. They also have the ability to truly be in tune with their partners sexually. Scorpio have a keen sense of what their partners want and need. The Scorpio is very possessive when it comes to sex in addition. Because of the intense character of the sexual expression of Scorpio, most sexual partners do not mind being possessed by the Scorpio. The Scorpio, however, does not easily give his or her heart away. Scorpio does not take being in love or getting his or her heart broken lightly, so beware.

Sagittarius lover is complete of passion and loves to analyze, however Sagittarius get bored very easily, and this sign does not like to be bored. You need to keep things exciting with a Sagittarius partner in the bedroom, because if they do get bored with you, it will not be long at all before he or she is moving on. Sagittarius have a hard time in long term relationships because of this. They like to be free and do not like to feel as if they are being protected or controlled. Sagittarius need for their partners to be exciting and fun. An outgoing personality does well with a Sagittarius. So if your partner is a Sagittarius, you must regularly be finding ways to keep your love life exciting and spicy if you want him or her to stick around for the long term.

Capricorn are very sexual creatures. This earth sign typically does not like to make the first move until they strongly like or are in love with their mates. The intimacy in this relationship does not happen overnight. It will take time. Capricorn can easily have sexual encounters without an emotional connection. However, when a Capricorn is truly in love, he or she is intensely connected to his or her partner. Capricorn are highly emotional in addition and are typically great lovers.

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