Solar Panel Prices – Things to Consider Before Buying

Solar Panel Prices – Things to Consider Before Buying

To buy solar panels is a large undertaking, and there are quite a few things you can consider before you find out how much they cost.

Firstly, it is very important to know your energy requirements. If you’re buying photovoltaic panels, then gather up as many electricity bills as possible, since this will allow you to work out how much electricity the system will have to generate. If you get a system that’s too small, then you won’t be able to sell much electricity back to the main grid by the satisfy in Tariff. If you get a system that’s too large, then the investment will be very expensive since the price quoted will be higher than necessary.

Secondly, come up with a budget in terms of what would be an affordable solar panel price! You can use anywhere from £6,000 to about £20,000 on a system. You should think about your energy requirements in addition as the amount of capital you have to invest. A larger system will generally be slightly more profitable because it doesn’t take twice the labour to install a system that is twice the size, so the cost of installing each solar panel falls as the system size increases.

Thirdly, make sure you check with the company providing a solar panel price that they provide a good guarantee. Solar systems are known for being extremely strong, but you want to make sure they will be working for the whole of the 25 year satisfy in Tariff period; hence it is a sensible idea to ask what the company’s policy is in case the panels stop working. Any good company will be able to provide some sort of guarantee, and 20-25 years is normal.

Finally, know where you are planning on installing the panels – they don’t have to go on your roof. If you plan on putting them on your roof, go outside and work out which areas of your roof are the closest to south facing. Are there any branches that cast a shadow? If so, consider having them removed. Is the area free of skylights and other obstructions? If it isn’t, then you may have to consider using a different part of your roof. The good news is that the system does not have to be installed on a directly south-facing roof, but the more south-facing you can get them, the more cost-effective it will be because it will generate more electricity.

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