Solar Thermal Expected to Heat Up Intersolar Europe

Intersolar Europe, one of the world’s largest solar technology trade shows, is expected to attract over 1,800 international exhibitors and 60,000 industry visitors this year in Munich. The event will be a must-see not only for those in the solar industry, but also for those thinking about building a solar home.

At the New Munich Trade Fair Center, Intersolar Europe will have a special characterize, SOLARHAUS 50 +. That characterize will characterize not only the latest active energy technologies for homes, but also the latest passive solar home architectures.

The theme at SOLARHAUS 50 + will be solar thermal systems. These systems, according to the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF), will become the central heating and cooling systems for homes in the years to come. In fact, by the year 2030, solar thermal energy systems are projected to provide all the heating and cooling for new homes built.

For today though, expect to find at SOLARHAUS+ a new solar thermal energy concept that will allow you to heat and cool about 50 percent of your home. in addition, expect to find a whole new range of products that will let you add more design flair to your solar home. New solar textiles and materials introduced over the last year are not only expected to get more energy per square meter, but also will add more aesthetics to your solar design.

At the show take special observe of the award winning companies. This year, Intersolar has award categories in solar thermal technology, solar photovoltaic technology and solar manufacturing technology. If you are looking specifically for award winning solar thermal technology advancements, stop by the booth of Corporación SRB Energy S.L. – a solar thermal collector company. in addition, take a look at Hahn Solar Pty. Ltd. (Australia). That company has a hybrid solar collector on the drawing boards. That collector, designed with ultraviolet resistant foil, is able not only to generate solar thermal energy, but also solar electrical energy.

For those looking for building partners, Hydro Building Systems GmbH, a worldwide building and energy development company, will also be there. Hydro continually searches for those that want to further develop solar. Because the company has extensive operations not only in building, but hydroelectric and solar strength, the company is open towards energy technologies that can be broadly applied.

For photovoltaics you will also want to stop by the booths of award nominees Inspired Solar Technology, a solar tracking company based out of Roseland California, and Canadian Solar Inc. a manufacturer of a wide range of solar system elements.

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