Some Tools for Termite Inspection

Termite is known as threatening insects to residents. It is able to eat wood so that it can cause some damage to your home and building. Instead of damaging your building, it threatens your wood furniture. It is able to adept to conceal in structures in an extended time and eat wood from the inside. consequently, it can be noticed when there is visible damage to the structure. For this reason, it will be a very thoughtful idea to use termite inspector. It is equipped with some progressive tools.

Infrared cameras

Infrared camera is able to provide some different information to the terminate inspector. It is a thermal imaging instrument which is able to detect the heat which is emitted from the termites. Commonly, it is used in high risk areas. This instrument is noninvasive so that it is very advantageous to use.

Moisture meter

It is another shared instrument which can be used along with termite inspector. It is useful to detect termites in large population. It is able to detect area with high moisture. Since it is focusing on large number of termite, sometimes it misses termites in small number.


This tool is used for listening to the activity of termite. It is designed to detect sound similar to those used in medical application. however, it has nonmedical application. While working, termites like making noises. However, it will put out signal warning when they feel threatened. To use this tool, you can thump a wall or structure and pause to listen to the termite noise.

Termite donger

It is known as a thin fiber glass rod which is equipped with a plastic ball at its end. You can use it by tapping it onto skirting timber and boards frame to detect the hollowness. It indicates the presence of termites.


Another tool which is applicable for detecting the termite is borescope. It is an optical instrument which allows you to see inside small holes. It is obtainable in the diameter range of 0.5 to 12 mm. Using this tool, you need to drill a hole for the borescope to go by to see inside.

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