Termite Control In 2012 – Disaster Or Just Average?

When it comes to most forms of pest control, the early reports for 2012 indicated that the warm winter might average that termites and other insects might be on the move early – catching homeowners off guard already earlier than usual. And indeed, that has been the case in many states. However, due to (or in this case perhaps thanks to) drought it seems that termite activity this year may truly be lower, particularly in the southern states.

A more worrying trend is that, due to the economic climate, many homeowners are putting off their regular pest control to save some cash. I regret to say that this can turn out to be an expensive mistake in some situations, particularly when it comes to termites.

Bye, Bye Winter – Hello Allergies and Bugs!

As much as we anticipate spring, it is an unfortunate fact that it also tend to come with certain negative experiences – like allergic symptoms and various pests. Due to last winter being a warm one, we have seen many reports about spring – and everything that goes with it – arriving early.

While this is good news for farmers, ordinary homeowners may get caught off guard by things like termites. For the first quarter of 2012 some pest control companies, like Western Pest sets in New Jersey, have reported a 15 percent increase in termite treatment sales across all brands. In fact, they claim to have come across termite swarms as early as January, which can’t be described as anything but uncommon.

While pest control professionals worried that the drought in the southern parts of the country would average less business for them, some areas have truly been hit harder, due to the combination of a dry winter and torrential rains in the spring. In Texoma for example, the number of termite reports have been higher than it has been in many years.

Pest Control A Wise Investment

With the tough economic situation in the information right now, it is understandable that people all over are looking for ways to save money. Some seem to do it by putting off employing the sets of pest control companies. As prevention is meaningful when it comes to termite control, this is a risky move at best. And it would probably be wiser to try and tighten your belt in other areas first, if at all possible.

That said, termite prevention doesn’t have to be very expensive. In fact, there are quite a few things you can do around your home that are thoroughly free. in spite of of what the rest of 2012 will look like termite wise, I sincerely recommend that you have a closer look at these basic termite prevention methods.

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