The Benefits of Using a 3-Phase Converter

Reliable and Cost Effective

The 3-phase converter has become a very popular and commonly used device for converting single-phase strength to three-phase strength. Although they have been around for many years, technology has made them more reliable and cost effective than ever before. As the need for quality three phase converters has grown so has the number of companies that build and sell them. This article gives a fleeting overview of some of the benefits of using 3-phase converters.

Economical Solution

When you have a tool or machine that runs on three-phase strength but you only have a single-phase strength source, then you need a converter to generate the 3-phase strength. You may find that buying a converter is a much easier and economical solution than rewiring or buying new equipment.

Long Lasting and Efficient

It has been proven in numerous lab and field-tests that appliances, tools, and motors that function on three phase electric strength last much longer and function much more efficiently than equipment that operates on one phase strength. This can save businesses a lot of money in terms of increased efficiency and reduced maintenance and repair. Just the savings of not having to replace equipment as often may well be worth the investment of buying the converter.

Rotary and Static Converters

There are two basic types of phase converters – static and rotary. Each of these perform the same task, but in a different way. A rotary phase converter is built similarly to a static converter but has an additional idler motor. This alteration makes a rotary converter more efficient at generating 3-phase electricity than its static style.

Because electrical requirements vary for different types of equipment you may want to consult a sales person to find which is right for your needs.

Do It Yourself…But Be Careful

You may already be able to build your own converter with a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit. Please remember that because you will be dealing with electricity, constructing a DIY converter can be a very dangerous project. When building anything like this you run the risk of being shocked or starting a fire. Be sure to consult a licensed electrician before you start.

Where to Buy

These converters can be purchased at a number of electrical supply stores or at online merchants. If you have the need for a three-phase converter then you need to confirm the exact requirements needed for your equipment to run properly before making a buy. Search the web or visit your local brick-and-mortar electrical supply to find the converter that will fit your electrical strength needs.

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