The Portland Trailblazers Travel on the Path to Another NBA Championsh…

The Portland Trailblazers Travel on the Path to Another NBA Championsh…

While standing on top of the world is an amazing feat, getting back there can be challenging. for example, since the Portland Trailblazers won the 1977 NBA Finals, they have not succeeded at winning their second basketball championship. Since 1977, the Trailblazers have returned to the playoffs 25 times, have played in five Conference Finals, and have progressive to two NBA Finals.

When did the Trailblazers begin their journey to the NBA Finals? They were one of three expansion teams that the NBA additional during the 1970-1971 season. The franchise chose the name in a “name the team” contest, in which people submitted about 10,000 entries. “Trailblazers” pays tribute to the explorers who traveled across the Oregon Trail during the 1800s. Here are some interesting facts about the state of Oregon:

o Oregon’s official state colors are blue and gold
o Oregon (and New Jersey) are the only two U.S. states with no “self-serve” gas stations
o Oregon is the only U.S. state with an official state nut (hazelnut)
o Oregon has the United States’ deepest lake (Crater Lake)
o Oregon’s state birthday is also Valentine’s Day (February 14).

During their premiere season in the NBA, the Trailblazers earned a 29-53 record.

By the 1976-1977 season, the Trailblazers had additional meaningful elements to its team, including Center Bill Walton. They had hot and cold streaks during the regular season, ending with a 49-33 record. In the playoffs, Portland would trample the Chicago Bulls (3-0), crack the Denver Nuggets (4-2), and then drown the Los Angeles Lakers (4-0). The Trailblazers faced the potent Philadelphia 76ers and “Dr. J.” in the NBA Finals. After falling behind in the series (0-2), the Trailblazers won four straight games and the series. (4-2)

The Trailblazers’ first chance to win a second NBA title, took place in 1990. Clyde Drexler led Portland to a substantial 59-23 regular season record. They blanked the Dallas Mavericks (3-0), edged the San Antonio Spurs (4-3), and then outlasted the Phoenix Suns (4-3). However, the Trailblazers lost the NBA Finals to the Detroit Pistons, the defending champions (4-1).

Just two years later, the Trailblazers had another shot at an NBA title. This time, they earned another substantial regular season record: 57-25. In the playoffs, the Trailblazers dominated the Los Angeles Lakers (3-1), trampled the Phoenix Suns (4-1), and deleted the Utah Jazz (4-2). However, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls would overpower the Trailblazers in the finals (4-2).

Throughout their history, the Portland Trailblazers have retired the jersey numbers of seven players:

Clyde Drexler – #22 (Guard): 1983-1995
Maurice Lucas – #20 (Forward): 1976-1980, 1987-1988
Lloyd Neal – #36 (Forward): 1972-1979
Geoff Petrie – #45 (Forward): 1970-1976
Larry Steele – #15 (Guard): 1971-1980
Dave Twardzik – #13 (Guard): 1976-1980
Bill Walton – #32 (Center): 1974-1979

Repeating a success can be as difficult as achieving it the first time. for example, the Portland Trailblazers are strive to earn their second NBA Finals victory. Use Portland Trailblazers merchandise to sustain them along the road to another NBA Championship!

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