The Schwinn Airdyne Evolution Comp – Better Than a Regular Schwinn Airdyne?

The Schwinn Airdyne Evolution Comp – Better Than a Regular Schwinn Airdyne?

The typical Schwinn Airdyne bike has been used for 30 plus years as a great exercise tool. I have one myself and have put 7,000 plus miles on mine with almost zero maintenance. The Schwinn Airdyne Evolution form is Schwinn’s attempt to enhance on the typical form.

Now anytime you attempt to redesign a long-time favorite you take a risk. Schwinn dealt with this by continuing to nevertheless make the older form bike just like it has always been. The new form is an additional form. So why is the new form better?

The older form Airdyne is a favorite of many riders for many reasons. It’s tough, reliable, and nearly trouble free. You get the big plus of exercising arms and legs at the same time. These machines are in health clubs, rehab centers in addition as in home gyms.

One of the few down sides to the machines is the noise. The resistance comes from turning a big fan with the pedals. The way you create more resistance is to pedal faster. The faster you pedal, the more noise you get. Many exercise bike riders like to read books or watch videos or TV while pedaling. That isn’t functional on the Airdyne.

The Schwinn Airdyne Evolution is quieter. The fan is much smaller for less noise. Plus the excursion from the pedals to the fan is by belt instead of chain like on the older form. The new excursion is quieter too. It’s just a smoother and quieter machine plus it’s physically smaller because of the smaller fan.

Many people nevertheless buy he original Airdyne version for the many reasons it’s a typical. If you want a slightly smaller machine that’s a little quieter, consider the Schwinn Airdyne Evolution form.

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