This newspaper from Se7en had some blink-and-you-miss-them funny headl…


Poke Staff. Updated February 20th, 2022

Reddit’s r/MovieDetails forum is a veritable goldmine of trivia you probably didn’t notice when you were watching your favourite films – or already films you didn’t like.

For example, there’s this nod to Batman Returns in the Lego Batman Movie, in the shape of Shreck’s store.


And the revelation that the terrifying animatronic gunslinger in Westworld, played by Yul Brynner, wears the exact outfit the actor wore in The Magnificent Seven.


A Redditor named u/Hot_Farm_9443 has shared a nevertheless of a newspaper from the thriller Se7en, revealing the news of the death of the attorney, but with some quirkier stories alongside the main headline.


We particularly like the possessed gerbil hostage situation.

Here’s how Reddit users reacted.

Good one! I’ve watched that movie a bunch of times and only ever noticed the main headline.

The possessed gerbil headline made me laugh out loud. I love seeing filmmakers have fun with the additional stuff not integral to the story.

God bless the ever-vigilant “National Probe”.

precisely reflecting journalism in the 90s.

As tvs get bigger/better we’ll for sure start seeing more of these.

u/Lord_Kensington spotted something else – or thinks they did.

Interesting that nearby headlines also make reference to other Deadly Sins that the killer sought ‘justice’ for (the beauty queen (vanity), sex life (lust).

And that housekeeper held hostage by a gerbil was probably pretty angry.


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