Tips for Natural Childbirth

Tips for Natural Childbirth

When pregnant women give birth to babies out of a course of action that requires minimum medical intervention, it is known as natural childbirth or natural delivery. At times, doctors use medical interventions like anesthesia, episiotomies and forceps to ensure that the delivery is successful. The intention behind every childbirth activity is to ensure that the baby is born from a natural childbirth. Doctors resort to surgical and medical interventions only as the last resort.

Why do women prefer natural childbirth?

Women prefer natural childbirth as opposed to having medical and the surgical interventions due to the following reasons:

o Use of anesthesia and other surgical techniques can have long-term side effects on the health of the mother.

o Medically, any medical or surgical interventions used during childbirth limit the movement of the pregnant woman. It is important that a pregnant woman moves naturally to ensure that the baby is delivered properly.

o Women feel good giving birth to babies by natural childbirth. Giving birth to babies is not a daily event and women tend to cherish this experience for their lifetime.

How to prepare a woman for natural childbirth?

If a woman is planning to deliver a baby by natural childbirth, it is important that she knows the time of action of delivering the baby. This will ensure that she does not suffer from shock when the baby is delivered. Systems or techniques that educate and prepare mothers for natural childbirth are as follows

o Bradley Method – Dr Robert A. Bradley conceptualized this technique in the early 1960s. As per the Bradley method, mothers tend to deliver babies by natural childbirth if they are helped by a supportive coach. Bradley method classes advocates the rule of nutrition and relaxation.

It has been observed that close to 85% of pregnant women who to follow the Bradley technique have delivered babies by natural childbirth.

o Birthing from within method – This technique involves preparing the mother and the father of the baby on the pains and the time of action of child birth. Birthing from within prepares the parents mentally on natural birth consequently alleviating a lot of nervous excitement in the mind of the mother.

There have been a lot of arguments on the advantages of natural birth. The objective of any kind of childbirth is the same – to ensure a successful delivery of the baby and the good health of the mother.

Natural childbirth has its own set of advantages. except preventing from the mother from being inclined to the long-term side effects of medication and surgical intervention, it also may empower the mother with better parenting skills.

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