Top 3 Mid-Summer Air Conditioner Failures

Top 3 Mid-Summer Air Conditioner Failures

Summer weather is here! As temperatures start to soar, we at keep up in a place start to expect a lot of no-cool calls from our customers. But what are the problems that generate most of these calls? We have identified the top three most frequent failure calls HVAC companies receive in these hotter mid-summer months.

1. Dirty Air Filters can wreak havoc on your air conditioner’s performance

Replace your standard 1″ filter every four weeks. Cleaning and maintaining your furnace air filter is much more important than you might expect. A dirty furnace air filter affects the performance and longevity of both your furnace and air conditioning units. Dirty air filters cost you both money and personal comfort.

already though it may not seem like it, an air filter becomes dirty after four weeks and restricts air flow. As your filter becomes more clogged up, the less capable it is of providing adequate air flow in and out of your system. This method that your furnace and air conditioning unit will have to work additional-hard to get your home to the comfort level you desire.

Whether you want warm air in the winter or cool air in the summer, the fan in your furnace has to push that air by the filter and into every room in your home.

When the airflow is restricted, the performance of your unit is reduced and it begins to work overtime in order to provide you with your desired level of comfort. A filter will only cost you 15.00 dollars as opposed to a service call at 150.00 dollars.

2. Dirty condenser coils are costing you in more ways than you might imagine.

The condenser wire is a part of the air conditioner found in the outside unit of your home. This is not to be confused with the evaporator wire found in the plenum of your furnace. While evaporator wire’s job is to draw the heat out of your home, the condensing wire works to disperse that heat into the air outside.

What happens when the condenser wire gets dirty?

  • The efficiency of the unit goes down.
  • Your hydro bills increase.
  • The unit stays on longer, decreasing the life span of its parts.
  • The risk of total unit failure increases.

Should I clean the coils myself?

“All I need is a garden hose, some wire cleaning chemical, and a wire brush… right?”

Not really. Besides risking voiding the manufacturers warranty and the chance of being electrocuted, you may damage the unit – which could end up costing you far more than a regular maintenance program. Depending on the condition of the coils, you may be required to open up a panel on the unit to access them. You are now dealing with high voltage electricity and a whole other set of problems, and there is a strong likelihood that you will cause more damage than good.

What you can do!

After a qualified technician finishes the maintenance on your air conditioning unit, ask him/her what things you can do between the regular scheduled maintenance that will continue the efficiency of your system – without putting yourself or the unit at risk. They will be happy to help!

3. Electrical Storms & Your Air Conditioner here’s why.

It’s summer in Ottawa, which method electrical storms! It is always wise to shut off your air-conditioner while an electrical storm is passing by. An electrical storm can cause fluctuations in electrical currents that can rule to blown contactors and damage to thermostats and capacitors.

Problems such as these could have been avoided with a spring check-up and service. It’s important to remind homeowners just how crucial regular, scheduled maintenance is when it comes to avoiding shared problems with furnaces and air conditioners.

I hope this has been helpful. Stay Cool!

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