Top Six Reasons to Recycle Your Mobile Phone

  1. Because you get paid! You can sell your old phone for cash or for vouchers. already broken phones can earn you some money.
  2. Because it’s good for the planet. It reduces the amount of rubbish going into landfills. Mobile phones contain poisonous elements such as rule, cadmium and beryllium that can damage wildlife and harm our health, so the fewer that go into landfills the better.
  3. It helps other people too. Often, handsets that are sold to recycling companies are sent to poorer countries, they are a vital link for people who’ve never had a phone before.
  4. To make a mobile phone uses up the equivalent energy of almost 40 gallons of petrol, so the more phones that can be recycled the more we can conserve our dwindling energy resources.
  5. The mobile phone manufacturing industry generates over 60 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. That’s an enormous carbon footprint that would be reduced if we could recycle phones a little more.
  6. They contain metals such as gold, platinum and palladium. Although these are only in small quantities, it’s estimated that there are around 80 million phones lying around, unused. That’s a lot of precious metals that can be recycled, reducing the impact of mining for these metals on our ecosystem.

There are over four billion mobile handsets in the world today, and more in the UK than there are people. Statistics show they are upgraded every 12 to 18 months, that’s a lot of old phones gathering dust. So please, if you have an old handset, cash it, don’t trash it, and recycle your old mobile phone today.

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