Uncover the Best Collagen Firming Lotions obtainable

Uncover the Best Collagen Firming Lotions obtainable

If you want the best collagen firming lotions, first you have to forget about any product that lists “collagen” as an ingredient. Supplementation is an outdated idea that never really worked. The best firming lotion contains a different protein.

Amino acid proteins are the building blocks of healthy skin. As we age, enzymatic processes and increased production of free radicals breaks down those proteins and damages collagen. The consequence is lost elasticity and wrinkling.

Those free radicals are nasty guys. They also cause chronic inflammation and redness. When they get out of control, they damage DNA and cause cellular changes that can become cancerous. They play a role in scarring, blemishes and stretch marks.

The best collagen firming lotions contain elements that address these issues. Each part provides different benefits.

Firming lotion that contains Xtend-TK may be difficult to find. It’s a combination of natural bioactive keratin and a nutritional hydrolysed keratin extracted from sheep’s wool and processed gently to insure that the protein remains active. It’s truly a digestible form of the protein that has never before been obtainable.

I say that it may be difficult to find because of the unexpected need for the ingredient. Only those companies that signed on early can get an adequate supply. They aren’t currently taking any new customers, because they have to “save some” for use in dietary supplements for bone and joint health.

But, if you do find firming lotion that contains Functional Keratin, you will see a noticeable difference closest and gradual improvement in the turn up of your skin. Clinical research proves its effectiveness.

The best collagen firming lotions contains other important elements in addition, including an extract from Wakame kelp that prevents the breakdown of hyaluronic acid on the skin. Hyaluronic acid is one of those protein building blocks. It’s kind of like glue that holds the cells and fibers together, resulting in firmness and elasticity.

The best firming lotion also contains a number of effective antioxidants to destroy those nasty free radicals. Look for coenzyme Q10 and natural vitamin E.

Shea butter is also found in the best collagen firming lotions, because it is a wonderful moisturizer and a natural source of vegetable vitamin A, a non-toxic different to retinol. Vitamin A is extremely important to the skin’s health, but retinol, the animal form, can cause many negative responses.

Only nighttime firming lotion should contain Shea butter, it’s too heavy for use in the daytime. During the day, the best choice for women is grape seed oil. It creates a protective obstacle that prevents moisture from evaporating and prevents dirt and grime from entering the pores. It makes make-up removal a breeze.

All that your body needs to repair skin damage is the right nutrients. Consider it a health supplement for your confront. That’s the way that I look at it.

All of the elements in the best collagen firming lotions are also found in oral health supplements. It’s just that when we apply them directly, we see additional benefits.

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