Want to Know the Best Time for Meditation? Here the Answers

Want to Know the Best Time for Meditation? Here the Answers

Have you started meditating but aren’t sure what the optimum time is to do it? Deepak Chopra, a spiritual leader and renowned author, offers some solutions for you.

Just as you have an ideal time to eat or go to bed, it appears that meditation at specific times of the day yields superior outcomes. Meditation’s recuperative and therapeutic similarities can also be enhanced with the right frequency.

Chopra recommends meditation twice a day since it is the most effective. He also tells you when you should meditate during the day.

While we all know that early morning is one of the best times to meditate, Chopra indicates that instead of meditating right before bed, you could do so after you get home from work and before eating dinner.

“It’s recommended to meditate twice a day, first before work in the morning and again after work and before dinner in the early evening. As a consequence, the relaxation you get from meditation serves as a foundation for the action that follows “Chopra remarked this in response to a user’s question about the best time to meditate.

Chopra was questioned if it was good to meditate after 8 p.m., and the spiritual leader suggested doing so in the second half of the day.

“You won’t get the same effect if you meditate closest before bedtime. However, if the decision is between meditating before bed and not meditating at all, it is preferable to meditate already if it is late. However, now that you understand the benefits of meditation earlier in the day, make an effort to establish a regular practice so that you don’t put it off until evening,” said the well-known public speaker.

Meditation has a slew of advantages, including stress reduction, increased productivity, mood regulation, and the ability to stay focused. It can already help you better your relationships in general.

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