Web Hosting Providers – An Overview

Web Hosting Providers – An Overview

What is web hosting provider?

A service provider who offers you with space for publishing your websites is referred to as web hosting provider. Most of the websites are launched for different purposes ranging from personal identity to corporate identity.

Now a days there are countless personal websites especially for their family and friends. These personal website personnel will usually approach affordable provider who offer sets that holds good for their budget.

Although most of the webmasters are fond of windows application, Linux and Unix servers are gaining its importance owing to the importance of low cost of software involved and maintenance of website is very easy with the application of php and Asp.

Linux hosting providers are mushrooming like anything, as the hosting is very cheap in case of Linux OS solution. If you are well versed in web designing tools, which work well in windows ecosystem, you can opt for windows server. But web hosts for UNIX server, Linux server and windows server are obtainable in the market.

Cost of hosting plans

The cost of hosting solely depends on the kind of server that you’re opting for. Do you know that there are different types of plans provided for each kind of hosting? Just do research on the Net to find out cheap and best web hosting providers.

Different plans are obtainable from different web hosting providers. Different categories include progressive Plan, Business Plan, Personal Plan and Starter Plan. These plans are tentative only. Most of the hosting providers provide different names for the plans as a part of their marketing strategy.

If you have opted higher end plan, you will get lots of features and elements bunched with that plan. Hence you ought to check the obtainable features with each and every package. Then you can choose your appropriate package.

You have to research on the facilities obtainable with your chosen package. You ought to see the kind of database that is supported for a particular plan, the number of emails that are provided for a particular plan, the number of sub domains supported in the plan, the data move that is allowed in a month for a domain, and the amount of storage space that is provided.

Some of these hosting providers will charge you separately for the databases like MS SQL server with their packages. More over these facilities are not obtainable with the free web hosting providers.

Do check the testimonials of their customers to get to know about their valuable sets. additionally, you can check their client’s domain to get an idea about their sets.

You can contact the provider not only by mail but also by toll free numbers for customer service. As one step further, some of the companies offer free domain names for any packages you buy.

As a bottom line, don’t forget to check the service, especially uptime of the server as it is important for uninterrupted web service. Happy Hosting!

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