What Causes Bed Bugs in Hotels?

A associate days ago, according to NBC Washington News, in D.C. was held a nations second bed bugs Summit. Just the fact that it is necessary to organize a summit on the topic of these little insects is reason enough to be convinced that these bugs have made a large come back to big cities all over the world. The Summit was visited not just by homeowners but also by owners and managers of large hotels trying to find out what causes bed bugs to become a problem in their hotels.

Some scientists believe that the reappearance of bugs in hotels is due to the cutback on the quality of pesticides. DDT was banned in the 1960’s and it was the only insecticide used which effectively killed these nasty little insects in hotels. One cause for concern regarding these pests in hotels is that they just don’t prosper in cheap, musty motels like you would firs assume. already the expensive ones are being infested. Because of this, these establishments are losing money fast.

Hotels are visited by thousands of people each month and it is not at all easy to control the possibility for bedbug’s infestation. They can be transmitted very easily and multiply very fast. Just one female bug can produce five eggs a day and could leave three generations of her young ones in hotels.

Caution and proper reaction by the hotel staff is the meaningful. It is often the case that the staff just dismisses the incident and doesn’t take necessary measures on time to prevent the infestation from spreading. It is their duty to provide with good service and a clean ecosystem, free from bed bugs in hotels. Or should they really have a bad infestation, there are obtainable pest control experts that can cure the bed bugs in hotels situation. The worst thing you can do is just ignore the problem. In no time, you will be faced with bad case of infestation, loos of reputation, guests, money and already possible lawsuit by unsatisfied guests. One such case is well known, when a guest took the hotel management to court because they have been hiding the problem and risk the health of their guests. The court found the hotel guilty.

It is always recommended to solve the problem of these insects by a specialized pest control service, but if you do decide to go the other way you need to be well informed on what kills bed bugs efficiently and safe for your guests. Bed bugs in hotels becoming immune to the regular insecticide used on them. Also, not all pesticides are safe for indoor usage and they could be a health danger if not used properly.

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