What I Hate More Than Taxes… And How to Avoid It

A few days ago I received a phone call from my CPA regarding my taxes for this year. After the typical greeting and how things are going, he proceeds to save words and go directly to the matter (damn if he only would charge for words instead accounting sets I will save a lot of money a year) besides signing and sending the paperwork he was waiting for my check to the IRS (in the high 5 digits). “OK I will send it as soon as I can” I replied and then he hung up.

While I was sitting on my office hesitating to write the check. I realized that the certainty of me writing that check was a good as the certainty that one day I will kick the bucket. already more than I hate paying my taxes (as many business owners likely understand), what I dread is not having the money to do so because the sales are occasional and inconsistent. You see I hate to see my bank account empty. That brings chills down my spine…

Luckily, business is growing and cash flow is steady and rising but that kept me thinking about what business owners experience every day, the uncertainty of not knowing where the next check will come from and how to attract new customers and better in addition retain them for a long term.

A few years ago Tony Robbins interviewed The Marketing Guru, Jay Abraham and asked him why small businesses are not able to grow, he said “It is because of their skill.” “Their skill?!” replied Robbins and myself in unison. How is somebody’s skill the reason for failure? Well Jay explained that most businesses stop optimizing.

Most people have been in their profession for a long time that they know it so well, but they only know their industry as it is and not how to perform in the industry AS IT IS. Everyone in different industries are doing everything the same way because they all learned from each other and researched each other. In order to step out of the box you need a fresh perspective from people who see a multitude of industries (which is why bringing in a consultant can be so important).

Every business has ONE WAY of advertising – and they don’t already THINK about the other ones

If something disrupts that ONE WAY, suddenly that business is in trouble or goes out of business

“You should never do anything unless you can get the maximum assistance and the maximum provide currently and forever from the minimal waste and minimal effort.” he stated.

Everything a business does is a course of action – which method everything your business does can be measured, quantified and improved. There are two sets of dynamics to measure:

1. The dynamics that bring action to bear

2. The dynamics that impact the dollars brought in

clarify BASELINE and VARIANCE – goal as a business owner: raise baseline and lower variance. HOW? Test!

To be effective, measure what you’ve got… and then find a way to leverage what you’ve got so you can predict your future. You can’t manage something you can’t measure.

Which brings us to my point of certainty, if you want to really grow your business and get high you need to stop screwing around with the newest marketing fad and resist the Johnny-Come-Lately’s bright new shiny object pitch.

You are not only wasting your money but, more importantly your time and, by extension, your life.

If you’re serious about your business, you will use your time and money implementing rule GENERATION and CONVERSION SYSTEMS in your business.

The dumbest thing business owners do is One-and-Done Marketing.

You should focus in learning how to create a continued cash flow by developing a rule generation and conversion system and you will avoid the uncertainty of not knowing how to pay your taxes or payroll or your vendors or most importantly yourself. You will be certain of the outcome because you have a system.


You can create a cash flow surge AND put an evergreen rule generation and conversion system in place in your business at the same time. There is a FORMULA that I have developed and tested successfully in hundreds of businesses just like yours. Now I’m going to proportion my system that I called “The Ultimate rule Generation Blueprint”. Where you will learn how to install a powerful rule generation and conversion “machine” into your business in a step-by-step fact.

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