What kind of Psychic Reading Should I Get? (Psst – This is Super Impor…

In this article we are going to talk about types of psychics, and the types of psychic readings they offer! Why? Because it’s important to know the sort of reading you NEED before you call a psychic service, otherwise you can get a BAD reading from an otherwise GOOD psychic! Make sense? I hope so…..let’s take a closer look below!

Okay…so are there different types of psychics that offer different types of readings?

Absolutely, yes! The truth is, like doctors or lawyers, psychics have specialties. Much the same way you wouldn’t go to a surgeon for a cold……you might want to avoid (or gravitate to) different types of intuitives, depending on the sort of reading you require.

Can you give me some examples?

Absolutely. A genuine psychic medium, for example….tends to be MUCH more accurate when it comes to connecting to spiritual energy, or loved ones you have lost. They may NOT, however….be really good for a Valentine’s day sort of love reading..:-) Other examples would be psychics that specialize in more specific areas like crime solving or problem resolution, may NOT be the right fit for more general questions on life, career or love.

An example of this would be my own experience with an AMAZING intuitive who used a skill called Psychometry. She could “read” the energy off of ANY item owned by a person, and tell you EVERYTHING about that person with incredible and intimate detail that was truly mind boggling to observe.

But…..if you took an object away from her, and just made her do a reading without it, she was absolutely ordinary…and not special at all.

Her skill, was reading the energy, or aura…from objects….often giving detailed readings for people she had never seen, met or spoken to many miles away!

Her weakness however, was “connecting” emotionally or energetically with real human beings sitting two feet away! Fascinating stuff….and in addition very true!

The meaningful to getting your next reading is this…..

Pick a authentic, reputable and REAL network with a wide varied of different types of intuitives. Pick on that looks good, and specializes in the sort of reading you want next. A love psychic, for example…..if your questions are going to be mostly on relationships.

A medium if you want to connect to someone you’ve lost to physical death. That’s the strategy I’ve used for just about 20 years….and it’s worked AMAZINGLY well for me.

(and it will work wonderfully well for you in addition!)

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