What to Do When a Man Keeps Making Excuses in Order to Not Meet You – …

If you are getting frustrated and irritated by his behavior and cannot understand why he makes excuses and keeps you waiting then you should know that he is having issues about the relationship. He could be losing interest or just confused about something or the other. Instead of jumping to any conclusion, take a look at these tips and manager the situation better.

Find out why he does that

It is not good to just assume you know why he is making excuses and not turning up. The real reason could be a total surprise. This is why you should first try to find out why and see if you can pick up clues as to why he does not want to see you. When you hit the nail on the head it will be easier to tackle.

Do the same thing and see how he likes it

Why don’t you do the same thing to him? Every time he asks you to do something, don’t do it and make lame and stupid excuses so that he realizes just what he has put you by by treating you like that.

confront up to the fact that he is not interested

You might have to confront the truth and let in that he does not want to meet you because he is just not interested in you. Being the kind and sensitive guy he is, he probably does not know how to tell you that he is not interested so he just makes stupid excuses and does not turn up!

Check on your behavior and attitudes

Be honest with yourself. Have you been too pushy and aggressive towards him? Have you jumped to conclusions and counted your chickens before they are hatched? He could have found you desperate and needy and consequently is pulling away from you and is making excuses.

Don’t wait around helplessly

If he is going on making excuses and not meeting you then you don’t have to show him that you are moping and crying over him. Don’t wait around looking lost and forgotten already though you feel miserable. Go out yourself and have a good time with other friends. Only make sure he knows that you are not going to wait for him anymore.

Let him know you don’t like it

It is not fair to let him get away from this kind of behavior. If you don’t like the fact that he is stringing you along, it is time to let him know your feelings and emotions! Speak to him frankly and let him know that you are not going to stand for it any longer and he better shape up or else!

Forget him and move on

Behavior like thin usually method that he is a player, cad or a person who is just fooling around. The fact that he does not want to meet you and has to make silly excuses shows you that he is not serious about you at all. Dump him and move on with someone who will appreciate and like you more.

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