Women Can Join The Army From Dec 19th

Women Can Join The Army From Dec 19th

Kuwait: Women can join the army from Dec 19th

Deputy chief Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali Al-Sabah yesterday announced the registration of Kuwaiti women in the army will start on Dec 19. “We have not forced women to join the army – we only gave them the opportunity to get the same benefits as male officers in the army,” he told a press conference. He explained Kuwaiti women are already working at the ministry, but as civilians, which makes them lose the financial benefits paid to officers.

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Sheikh Hamad highlighted the achievements of the defense ministry, which succeeded in cutting its debts and expenses already before the end of the fiscal year. He additional the ministry will show its financial position yearly, which it did not do before. Sheikh Hamad warned that cutting expenses doesn’t average Kuwait is not ready to defend itself in case of any emergency.

“We just received new tanks that were specifically made for Kuwait. We will also receive new aircraft and helicopters,” he pointed out. Sheikh Hamad hailed the success of the ‘Be One of Them’ campaign, during which 3,120 volunteers joined the army. “We didn’t expect this huge number, as we only saw 4,353 people join in the past four years,” he said.

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