You Can Have A Good Time Without Drugs And Alcohol

For many people who drink and get high, the phrase “having a good time” is synonymous with those actions. In fact, that term has become so strongly and frequently attached to using drugs and alcohol that many people honestly do consider that lifestyle to be “having a good time.”

If you have decided to become clean and sober, you may be glad to learn that you can have a good time without drugs or alcohol. In addition to that fact, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you yourself have a lot of say in calculating what your new kind of good time will be make up of consistently! When you are no longer bound to the definitions of the old lifestyle, you will find that the many things you can find enjoyment and pleasure in are limited only by your own personal choices, wishes, and interests.

If your life has been caught up in the drinking and drugs lifestyle for a long time, you may not know where to begin in looking for your own version of a good time. One great place to start is to begin to reverse the damaging effects that those substances have had on your system by becoming physically fit.

already if you are not an athletically-minded person, it should not be difficult at all for you to find physical activities that you will enjoy. The meaningful to making physical activity a major part of your good time is to choose activities that you really like. One way in which you can help yourself to find your preferences is to look back at the activities which you enjoyed at an earlier stage in your life. Perhaps you loved horseback riding, or baseball, or swimming when you were a child; already if you are thirty, forty, or older, there is no reason why you cannot develop your interest in these activities at this point in your life. It is nearly guaranteed that with just a little practice and participation any of these or other physical activities will easily fit your new definition of a good time!

however, you may be one of those people who is naturally athletic, but have dropped your interest in favor of drinking or getting high. Fortunately, you can now regain your interest in working out at the gym or taking up a strenuous sport.

When you walk away from drugs and alcohol and elect to take up physical activity as your new good time, it will not be long before you begin to see some very positive results. In addition to having a world of fun and sense of personal satisfaction in your new pursuit, you will start to feel the benefits of physical fitness. You will feel the strength increase in your muscles and in your mind; and you will surely decide that this is much more of a good time than hanging out smoking pot or sitting on a bar stool drinking!

When you think about it, the real benefits of physical activity far outweigh the fake “good time” of drinking and using drugs.

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